Voicebot is an intelligent, programmable Voice Automation solution for Customer Service

It's not merely a digital voice assistant. Call centers and sales teams can now engage instantly with our Conversational AI-powered voice platform at a lower cost.

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Call centers are still popular among consumers,
but the cost of live agents soar

More than 50% of customers still love to talk directly to an agent. The expectation of high-quality voice support from brands generates growing costs, particularly when agents' salaries rise steadily.

Salaries of agents are rapidly increasing...
... while new voice automation solutions significantly cut cost per interaction

Voicebot is the new, powerful Customer Service tool,
ready to work in your Call Center

  • Voicebot is a Conversational AI solution for voice services automation in your Service and Commerce
  • It enables almost - a natural dialogue when a customer calls the service or online store assistant
  • High scalability combined with personalization and targeting

Powered by AI technologies, such as speech recognition and conversational flow

Speech recognition effectively captures the voice and converts it to text
NLU technology recognizes problems, questions
The conversational engine provides answers or clarification
Programmable Dialog decides when to pass too complex questions to a live agent

Recognizing customers, understanding their problems and context

InteliWISE end-to-end voice platform provides a new generation of conversational and speech technology which automates voice conversations in the call center.

'I need this information now' - kind of activities
Urgent operations with a dose of stress for the customer
FAQ's, mundane issues that have no-revenue value (and generate costs)

Add Voicebot to your call center
and save precious seconds of live agent's time

Voicebot provides high-quality support on a large scale through automated voice conversations. Start a call, collect initial data about the client, verify the status. Let a virtual assistant perform this job.
Call initiated by consultant
Call initiated by Voicebot
Call initiated by Voicebot

problem detection

Basic problem


The automation of the call
The automation of the call
Complex problem


Tackling the problem

Up-sell and cross-sell

Call Termination
Call initiated by consultant

Lower call volume and cost with hybrid, human and AI, support

CC consultant
CC consultant
plus Voicebot
In 3-12 months
Pricing per interaction in USD*
$ 3,50
$ 1,75
Capacity (volume of contacts) per minute*

*An example of a simulation based on a campaign conducted by more than 100 consultants making outgoing calls.

4 use cases for speech - based solutions for support AD 2020

voicebot dostępy bez przerwy, 24/7

Off - hour call support,weekends

Virtual Voice Assistant is on duty 24/7, even in off-hours, during holidays
voicebot zastępuje lub uzupełnia ivr

Replaces your obsolete IVR

Can be plugged into almost every existing IVR, cut the cost of unnecessary cost of escalation to live agents
voicebot pełni rolę samodzielnego konsultanta

Virtual sales assistant

The pre-taught virtual conversation may lead to even complete problem resolution without the Agent
voicebot przekazuje informacje o datach czy statusach

Instant, automated access to user's information

After integration with data sources & back - end IT systems, can instantly provide statuses, dates etc

Read the Case Study - how the voicebot facilitates the order processing and deflects calls and emails.

InteliWISE cloud services provide digital customer service, enabling consumers to order products, set appointments for services, 24-7, with no queues, hassle-free

Play the examples of customer interactions

Lector's voice

Comes with a complete set of
administration and configuration tools

Kompleksowe narzędzie do budowy i zarządzania bazą wiedzy voicebota

Intuitive Panel

Enables to deploy Voicebot even instantly

Ready-to-use templates

Pre-populated scenarios which speed up deployment

Robust integration tools

With the existing Call Center software and IT systems

Ask us about the integration of Voicebot with your
Call Center or CRM software

Rich in functionalities

The automated, intelligent voice solution

The technology allows for running a call between consumers and a Virtual Assistant - AI solution deployed in a company's Call Center

Speech recognition of user voice commands, intentions, open and closed questions

Conversational AI technology analyses user commands spoken in their natural language, recognize open and closed questions in dialogue with the customer, analyzes content and context, generates a voice response

AI, NLP, SR, T2S technology

Our Platform uses its own proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and combines it with 3rd party voice recognition and speech synthesis technology

Call steering

Customer reference, refilling or completely replacing the IVR tone. Recognizes the subject, leads the conversation based on the information obtained during the dialogue (both from the caller and the system), optionally distributing calls to the appropriate group of Agents.

Automated customer issues resolving

Voice bots provide speed, accuracy and 24-hour availability of voice support. They connect to backend IT systems, have access to customer context and call center systems, can resolve customer problems without the participation of a live agent. Maximize profits thanks to the implementation of US-patented AI software.

Ready-to-use bot templates or 100% programmable tools for development and customization

Libraries of user intents and templates of the most popular service scenarios can drastically accelerate the set-up time

The enterprise-grade solution, Cloud service and On-premise deployment

Solutions are available as cloud service (from AWS cloud) or 100% deployed on the company's infrastructure, with 24/7 support

Full reporting, analysis

Reporting of main indicators and KPIs, enabling comparison to consultants' work, full transcripts of conversations, the ability to define individual report statements

Plug-in to interactive voice response (IVR) and speech-based solutions

Flexible integration tools based on VoiceAPI and Functions enable integration with almost any Call Center software existing in the company

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