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Executive Team

  • Marcin Strzałkowski – CEO

    Serial entrepreneur, passionate about new technologies, developing businesses from scratch and bringing sales & customers on board, the founder and shareholder InteliWISE. During his career he supervised the process of finding investors, among which include Intel Capital, the largest VC fund in the world, and the process IPO on New Connect. Co-author of US-patent: “Systems and methods for generating and implementing an interactive man-machine web interface based on natural language processing and avatar virtual agent based character”

Board of Directors

  • Marek Borzestowski

    Passionate about disruptive technologies in the field of IOT, technology and biotechnology and their application in everyday life. Co-founder, former CEO and Chairman of the Board of the first horizontal portal in Poland „Wirtualna Polska” – now part of the group France Telecom. (www.wp.pl – successfully backed by Intel Capital – the first capital investment of Intel Capital in Poland).

  • Paul Bragiel

    A co-founder and managing partner at i/o ventures, an early stage startup accelerator which operates out of a funky workspace+cafe in San Francisco. Previous he has founded and served as the CEO of 3 companies including: Lefora, a product bringing forums into the 21st century, proudly hosting over 100,000+ unique communities. Meetro, the first location based social network. Paragon Five, a game development studio specializing in console and mobile content with offices in Chicago and Krakow, Poland.

  • Marek Trojanowicz

    Experienced entrepreneur and engineer and enthusiast about new technologies. His main areas of business are Computer Games, 2D Graphics (image processing & pattern recognition) & 3D Graphics (Augmented Reality), Artificial Intelligence. During years he was a Head of the Internet Services Department of the Wirtualna Polska S.A. company, a Co-Founder of „Colorful Pages” vortal for kids wich was sold to Wirtualna Polska S.A., a President of the Management Board of Optimus Nexus Sp. z o.o. – the multimedia software house in early 1990. According to TIME Magazine called one of the pioneers of e-learning in Europe. Co-author of patent WO2010007485 Graphical User Interface Component

  • Jarosław Adamski

    He deals with investments and he exercises owner supervision over the Asseco Capital Group companies. He was a member of the Board in the companies: NetPower SA, SABA SA and Asseco Business Solutions SA. He was a member of the Board of Directors in: Asseco Systems SA, ZUI NOVUM Sp. z o.o., Epsillio, SA FIN FIN S.A. Koma S.A., Koma Nord Sp. z o.o., Sawan S.A., Asseco Poland S.A., Asseco Business Solutions S.A. Time Solutions Sp. z o.o., currently – ZUI Otago Sp. z o.o., PIW Postinfo Sp. z o.o.

  • Grzegorz Maciąg

    A member of the Prokom Group Management and took part in projects connected with creating the Prokom Software S.A. capital group, buying shares of Koma S.A., Softbank S.A., SPIN Lmtd., joining SPIN Lmtd. with Telmax S.A., and joining Ster-Projekt S.A. with ABG S.A.

  • Janusz Macioch

    A graduate of Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Electronics. While still being a student he worked in Norway and Holland. After returning to Poland in 1991 he launched his own enterprise. In 1994 he expanded his economic activities by working in international trade – mainly importing from the Far East. He is also an IT and real estate investor. His passions include exotic travels and motorization.

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