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AI-Chatbot Virtual Assistant

The hottest technology for Customer Service automation and self-care, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Key features:
  • ­Understands users’ intents, problems with unique intent search
  • Presents intelligent Answers from knowledge base
  • Works seamlesly with you Call Center, Live Chat, e­Cart

Industry - leading technology, recognized by analysts

Tens of millions virtual interactions

+ 150 deployments, with the leading brands, incl. Fortune500

US-patented technology, recognized by leading analysts

Customer Service +
Artificial Intelligence

The combination of artificial intelligence with customer service helps to enhance your existing services like email, phone and chat.

Customers enter questions in their own words. Our cutting-edge conversational assistants, powered by cutting-edge predictive technology, provide answers quickly and accurately, allowing to save money and time on resolving repeated, frustrating customer issues. 

The new, Conversational self-service

  • Natural Language Processing

    Interprets natural language

  • Intelligent Dialog management

    Simulates natural conversation

  • +20,000 knowledge base solutions

    Provide instant, single, relevant response

  • Reporting

    Provides insight into behavior, language used

  • Integration with call center, help desk, CRM

    Adds like a LEGO block to existing call center

  • Even 1 day, remote installation

    Administration tools help instant kick-off

Seamless escalations
to Live Chat, Call center, Tickets

Virtual Assistants usually answer 30-50% of all repetitive questions on the spot. Unresolved problems can be shifted to a live ­ agent (on Live Chat, call center, via tickets)

Please select a preferred channel:

  • LiveChat with Representative
  • Call a Toll – number
  • Write an email message 

Integrates with IT systems as an 'automated answer' component

Automated Answer solutions integrate as the self-care or Level1 support with leading CRM, Marketing Automation, Call Center or eCommerce platforms 

Our Team will
deliver ’turn ­ key’ solution

Our Team’s experience in +100 deployments can help you Analyze, Build, Customize and Integrate the Virtual Assistant into your current call center or customer service infrastructure.

Deployment, Set-up

Our team project managers will help with a Pilot, analysis of customer needs, set-up of an individual account, population of Knowledge Base with FAQ automated answers and more

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Tone-of-voice, customized anaswers, scripts, look&feel aligned with corporate identity, A/B testing, integrations with CRM, chat, knowledge base and many more 

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Tens of customers optimized their service, starting with a Pilot trial
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  • #1 Automated Answering
    for FAQ & Help
  • 2 000
    automated answers per month
  • 25 ready-to-use
  • Our expert team fully supports
    installation & service
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