Enterprise Live Chat, AI-powered, hybrid, automated, 100% on-premise

Can be enterprise‐owned in 100%. Works seamlessly with AI. Perfect for enterprise integrations and customizations. Powers omnichannel messaging for digital assistance.

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For Brands

Brands can maintain 100% control
with on‐premise

Combines all advanced enterprise - class features with the flexibiity of full on‐premise or cloud deployment.

Design can fully match your
brand identity

The user interface can be fully customized - the look, colors, design - they all can perfectly match the brand’s identity.

Triggers will make chat proactive

Invites and welcome messages are fully programmable. Instead of generic invitations, it will offer help to different consumer segments, based on their behavior, time.

Monitor how your sales grow

Be the first to know what questions users ask and which sales person scores the best. Analyze in real time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including:
agents’ performance, by person, time, skills; case volume & type; case resolution volume; interaction volume; response time or any other.

For Customers

Consumers prefer chat to call or email

Add chat to your customer service or shopping cart. Observe how messaging is easy, reactive and providing so much of user's satisfaction.

On any channel: on their mobile,
messenger, website

Consumers can instantly engage on any channel, on any moment.
Looking for support or help or finishing their shopping.

Resolving problems immediately, in one chat

The optional, built‐in AI Chatbot, the virtual chat assistant, can help to resolve part of problems instantly. And maximize the FCR (first contact resolution) indicator.

For Agents

Agents get intuitive Console

Chat agents can answer in seconds, having insight into context of chat.

Maximizes productivity of Live Agents

Intuitive Live Agent’s Console with instant access to Canned Responses.

Chat operators are usually struggling repeating same, simple questions, in 3‐4 concurrent chats. Now, they can all focus on generating new leads or sales, with the ready‐to‐use integration with Virtual Chat feature. It allows to understand a problem and show a right answer to a user, automatically, before engaging with a chat.

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