One clean place to handle tickets, Chatbot conversations, Live Chat or even messenger requests

Ultra‐light and intuitive Helpdesk. Ready to help your agents or sales teams to handle the entire Integrated Customer Support.

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All channels on ONE site. Handling and storing

It's speeds up the agents' response and is beneficial for the company

Fully Omnichannel

Helpdesk collects customers' questions from all channels − AI, text, voice and even video.

360 Degree Customer View

At any time, agent can look at previous customer contacts or current offering or services.


Powered by AI to keep up with competition.

The single customer's card has all data needed for upsell, cross‐sell

  • Understanding context. If the customer had contacted us before, it's record tab is being shown to agent
  • One page covers historical scripts on any channel − chat, ticket, call, email
  • Agent can make a call or send a message or mail instantly

Agent can personalize views via AI‐powered, full text search tabs

100% bullet‐proof for enterprise needs

Your sensitive data will never leave company's premises − on‐premise

Data Privacy in Helpdesk system is not an issue any more. System operates from cloud but can be setup on company's servers in on‐premise mode.
The integrated Helpdesk that is fully customizable for customer needs. The look can be personalized in line with brand's marketing guideliness.

Our team will help with full setup and customization

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