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Streamline all customer contacts in 1 place
Agents control Phone, Chat, Form and eMail, Facebook messages, etc.

Benefit #1

An Agent handling an e-mail, or a ticket, has instant access to all the history & context of contacts with a customer, can review it at any time and can refer to previous questions.

Customer e-mails, tickets, questions from forms: Helpdesk
Agents use a shared mailbox, with all notifications, e-mails, interactions from the forms

  • Bookmarks
    Pre- set bookmarks for customer segments
  • Customer context
    Preview by all submissions (within a given period, for a specific Agent)
  • Powerful Search engine
    Intelligent search engine in the content of submissions
  • Programmable tickets’ workflow
    Divided into open, non-response and closed applications (tickets)

Intuitive, quick ticket handling
Quick Agent’s response, incident completion or forward to supervisor

  • Customer card
    Service, payment, address and other customer information
  • Notes
    Ability to write a private note for co-workers that the customer will not see
  • Tickets
    HHistorical, orderly
  • Escalation
    Forward of a more complex question to a level 2 support agent/ supervisor
  • Answers
    Work on the last application

Benefit #2

Phone. No call from a lead will remain unanswered.
Ready-to-use IVR, 1-click call playback, call-back, Voicebot.

Set up an intuitive call center service and connect with customers: Phone
Get your salesperson a powerful voice tool, call recordings, integrated with messaging, chat, SMS

  • Making a ticket or record after a call
    Note or qualification of the interview
  • All inbound connections
    Information on incoming calls (to the company helpline)
  • Active Agents’ management
    Information about which operator conducted a conversation
  • Playback
    Instantly listen to the call conversation without any additional software
  • Call duration
    Information about the length of the conversation

Call-back, sending messages, outbound campaign
An Agent may call back or send a text message to the client

  • Make a call directly from the console
    Intuitive click connection
  • Audition
    Immediate listening to the Agent's call - for control purposes
  • Notes
    Conversation note or instructions for further activities
  • Notification to CRM
    Sending a request after a conversation to CRM

Benefit #3

Live Chat. During the chat, the Agent is able to immediately preview previous conversations from other channels.

Professional Live Chat
Engaging with customers, proactive invitations, mobile, in-app, website

  • Context, customer data
    An Agent may at any time view the history of conversations with a client through other channels (helpline, forms)
  • Canned responses
    Immediate service thanks to prepared standard answers
  • Chats
    Overview of incoming and outgoing chat rooms and historical chat rooms
  • Escalating from Chatbot
    Agent’s access to the complete script of chat with a customer run by a Chatbot
  • Tickets
    Creating a ticket, or a record from chat, sending to CRM
  • Agents’ status
    Information on currently logged-in agents

Live Chat
Quick overview of all chats, including their filtering

  • History
    Instant access of selected, previous chats, its verification, answers
  • Search engine
    Searchable history of all conversations conducted

Live Chat
Programmable workflows of chats

  • Creating a ticket
    Possibility of immediate transfer of a selected chat

Benefit #4

AI and Chatbots reduce response time and allows to focus Agent’s time on upsell or cross-sell interactions.

AI Chatbot & Live Chat
Including AI in service tools significantly accelerates customer service and, as a result, significantly reduces its costs, with information on why it was redirected to an Agent

  • Filtering of recurring questions
    AI-Chatbot is a solution automating multi-channel support, which allows you to automatically answer a customer's question.
  • Smooth integration - hybrid chat
    Chatbot is usually integrated with Live Chat; questions that Chatbot has not found answers to are addressed to a Live Chat Agent
  • The quality of the conversation, NPS
    Smooth integration allows the transfer of inappropriate questions to an Agent who sees the history of the conversation, understands the context and is able to solve the problem faster

Benefit #5

An Agent can immediately handle a video call & help
to solve the problem by showing a screen.

Video call, Screen sharing & Co-browsing
Much more effective and intuitive explanation of the issue with a video

  • Video call
    Agent can immediately suggest a customer the video conncection, that works seamlessly with a chat
  • Mobile, website
    Using the most advanced video and digital technologies, for the enterprise use

Video call, Screen sharing & Co-browsing
Presenting customers an offer, documentation, pdf - directly on his screen

  • Co-browsing
    Upon the customer’s permission, the Agent can directly point to elements on customer’s screen
  • Screen sharing
    The Agent can present the customer a selected tab of the browser, desktop or selected document (offer, instruction, PDF, ppt)

Video call, Screen sharing & Co-browsing
PDF, offer, product demo - the Agent has free to choose the part of the screen to be available to the customer

Benefit #6

New channels like Facebook or Messenger, and customers’ comments, queries, opinions posted there, can be handled by the same Agents and skills, that handle Live Chat, eMail or Call.

Handling customers issues on chat on Facebook Messenger
Messenger is becoming as an important service channel, as live chat or eMail - your Agent should treat it as one

  • Support for Messenger in the same omin-channel console
    Preview and support for messages from Facebook Messenger (on the web and mobile app)
  • Automate answers with Canned Responses
    The same advanced tools that are used for Live Chat are used to support the Messenger query
  • Preview into history of conversation
    Response history is available for further analysis

Facebook Wall monitoring and moderation
PR experts and Agents can monitor posts and comment and respond to them

  • Overview of all comments
    Overview of posts from Facebook Wall, possibility of reaction (comment, answer)
  • Ready-made hints speed up the operation
    Response history is available for further analysis

Benefit #7

1 place, all contacts, info on relevant customer services and products, all channels, all available materials

Instant insight into Customer’s status - CRM
Preview of customer status, important data on purchases of services/products

  • Information
    about customer messages through various contact channels
  • History
    Searching the history of contacts of a given customer
  • Editing
    Possibility of previewing, adding and editing client data

Most essential documents for an Agent
Faster operation thanks to ready-made files at hand

  • Summary of available documents
    Files that are related to customer contacts
  • New files
    Possibility of adding a new file.

Internal chat for Agents
A tool for consultation of responses between agents

  • Internal chat
    Agents can communicate with each other via internal chat

Our Console (Agent’s Dashboard) works seamlessly with the customer’s widget,
displayed on the website, mobile (in-app), social

Fully programmable

Customers, users can choose how to contact the seller or the Agent.

The Agent have a view of all channels in the console, including the client's context.

Control | Instant overview of the Agent's work
Telephone calls, requests, assigned tickets, chats

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