Omni-channel FAQ

1. What's an omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a powerful, intuitive tool for an agent to control and respond to all customers’ queries, on all channels. The most popular channels today are: phone service (hotline), chat, email (or ticket), messenger, SMS, video and other.

In the digital age, these are consumers who choose the best “channel” to contact the organization. The Omnichannel, 360degree view is delivered by InteliWISE’s agent Dashboard, Console.

2. What does Agent’s Console Support offer?

The Agent’s Console enables companies to fully control customer relationships, no matter which channel the customers are contacting. It covers number of options:

  • access to all customer data (CRM) with the possibility to edit them - data on correspondence, payments or notifications in a selected period of time
  • an overview of all incoming enquiries from forms,tickets, e-mails telephone service
  • retrieving calls made, returning calls to customers
  • Live Chat support from the shop's website, social media (Facebook Messenger) or mobile app
  • a preview of the responses to customers given by artificial intelligence (AI, Chatbot)review and moderation of posts on Facebook profile
  • video-connection with the user co-browsing
  • a co-browsing service, thanks to which the consultant has a preview of a selected tab of the browser, where the client works screen-sharing, which is a service that doubles the screen and allows a Live Chat consultant to show their own screen/part of it to the user internal communication
  • informs about the presence of logged-in consultants, has an internal chat and video connection and constitutes a knowledge base and a system for file exchange.

3. How much does the omnichannel cost?

The omni-channel support price starts at around $40 per agent’s seat and largely depends on different elements, such as traffic, the number of channels used. InteliWISE specialists will help you analyze your needs and adjust the most advantageous variant, even if you have a limited budget for expenses related to improving the quality of customer service in your company.

4. Who is the Omnichannel option for?

Omnichannel is best suited for companies whose customer service/Contact Center departments are burdened with a large number of requests from various sources. Many companies have a wide group of recipients of services or products, and each of these groups prefers different forms of contact. Young people often choose contact via social media and chat, while older people are more likely to reach for the phone and call a consultant on the hotline with their enquiry. Omni-channel is a solution for online shops that don't want to miss any contact.

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