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Facebook Messenger AI-Chatbot

This professional chatbot pulls real-time data from CRM, e-commerce systems and answers without a live person. A truly conversational Customer Service.

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  • Key ChatBOT features:
  • Adds to any existing brand fan page
  • Delivers instatnt answers based on FAQ automated Answers
  • 100% Automated, no need for Live Assistance

Advanced AI Conversational technology,
No Live Agent needed

  • Customers type questions in facebook
    messenger on fan pages & compnay's sites
  • The AI - powered search technology processes
    the question, digging into customer intent
  • The pre-populated automated, inteligent Answer, from the
    FAQ Knowledge Base are instantly delivered to the customer
    in the chat window

Key features

  • Question & intent understanding

    Patented AI-powered technology, understands meaning of questions

  • Ready, automated iAnswers

    Knowledge base with 50-100- and more ready-to-use answers

  • Emulating human conversation

    ChatBOT uses Intelligent Dialog Engine for natural conversation flow

Your facebook Customer Support
is 24/7 now, fully automated

  • For sales

    Assists to on-line transactions, instantly answers questions about delivery dates, returns, payments, product features

  • For Customer service

    FAQs, incl. password recovery, login, returns - 100% handling without a need for a live agent

  • For Marketing messages

    Promotes i-shop offering, provides recommendations, answers products' doubts

How to Start?

  • Set up Your ChatBOT Account

    Sign in and set up an account, get HTML tag or Ask uor Team for assistance

  • Build your automated Answers fast

    Prepare a list od your 20-30 most pending customer Q&As, for your tailored knowledge base

  • Plug-in to your Facebook Page

    Follow instructions how to integrate with the Facebook messenger on your company's Facebook Page

  • Monitor performance

    Monitor the volume and transcripts of how your ChatBOT answers your customer questions 24-7, without live help


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  • #1 Automated Answering
    for FAQ & Help
  • 2 000
    automated answers per month
  • 25 ready-to-use
  • Our expert team fully supports
    installation & service
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