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eGOV Virtual Assistant

New, intelligent technology to deliver fast, automated access to information on government services.

Understands repetitive

The smart knowledge base covering the most frequent Q&As helps to deflect calls & tickets.

The Virtual Officer is a fully automated and self – learning Q&A Software

  • Can easily be added to any existing e-Gov or online council site
  • No edits necessary in the website structure
  • InteliWISE provides a turn – key solution, 100% ready to use in an instant

Saving taxpayer’s money

Ministry of Economy and 8 city councils are saving citizens’ time and money.

City authorities and governments are coming under increasing pressure to come up with innovative and cost effective approaches for delivering smarter and inclusive government services to citizens.

Saving citizen time.

New solution for instant service to citizens.

  • This innovative software aims to save the citizen time and the local council money by empowering citizen to solve the enquiry online
  • with intuitive, intelligent search
  • without the need for a phone call or a visit
  • thus freeing up council resources
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