Google Assistant for business. Use our experienced team to implement the Google Assistant for your brand


Virtual Assistants begin to
support brand and business building

  • 2017Support for general web searches
  • 2018Answers most common questions (like a search engine)
  • 2019Makes reservations, purchases services and products, accesses banking services and completes banking operations
  • 2021My Personal Assistant

Compare Assistants
Which will be the most effective for your company?

Enterprise Virtual Assistant
Voice Assistant
(Google or Microsoft*)
Free Chatbot
from the developer platform
The customer can ask a question....
by entering a question, just like an SMS or a search
by voice and buttons
usually only buttons, sometimes by typing in the question
Privacy | Strict data protection (e.g. GDPR, others)
Meets comprehensive enterprise’s requirements, including the ability to run on their own servers – on-premise, backed up by outsourcing agreements
Cloud version, configuration only through available tools (Google, Microsoft and others)
Cloud version, configuration only through available tools (Google, Microsoft and others)
Assistant can work on..
The company's website, mobile application, Facebook, Messenger
Only on the mobile platforms, after configuration
The company's website, mobile application, Facebook, Messenger
Can the Assistant be configured for full functionality with the Polish language?
Full customization (by the company's team - themselves or with help from InteliWISE experts)
* AAssistants based off of existing frameworks, e.g. Google, Microsoft and other tools.

Our team can help you set up
Google Virtual Assistant

Take advantage of our experience in implementing over 100 AI projects in the US, Europe, as well as other countries
Our team consists of Contents Specialists, Knowledge Engineering Experts,
AI engineers and dedicated Project Managers

Combine the potential of Google Assistant
and InteliWISE AI-Chatbot

Google works on the front end as the application’s user interface

Google's developed algorithms are responsible for recognizing commands in the form of voice or text questions, at the browser or application level.

The InteliWISE Chatbot is responsible for the company's 100% controllable knowledge base

The InteliWISE solution enables you to build fully controllable content (answers / information / dialogues) about your company's products or services.

The combination of these 2 solutions enables enhanced digital support and/or intelligent automation

Integration will increase your capabilities, giving you an Assistant immediately available from mobile phones, which is immediately able to serve your customers.

Configuration and customization of Google Assistant tools

We will use Dialogflow to build the conversation interface
Google Actions
We will configure Actions – for efficient automation of the company’s marketing and sales processes
Google Assistant SDK
We'll enable running of Google Assistant on multiple devices/platforms

Wondering about your data?
Is your only option the on-premise implementation?

No problem! Integration with InteliWISE components will guarantee that your company:

  • Maintains control over the database:

    • keeping control over your developed knowledge base
    • over your scripts (e.g. for complaint purposes)
    • over statistics and status reports

    Even if you change your chatbot platform in the future (e.g. Google <> MS)

  • Allow the integration of your own data and software components with 100% control:

    if the data from the company's IT systems are checked, the InteliWISE application mediates communication with the Google Assistant, which will not be able to access confidential data from your systems without a secure intermediary layer

  • Gain a professional local implementation partner

    which you can count on in terms of integration (always requires specialist services)

Benefits of combined technologies in Customer Service:

Voice and text access to customer data and your company's offerings

Answers to FAQs (the most common queries)

Frequent, repetitive tasks

Complaints, purchases, reservations

Urgent, stressful operations

Checking the balance, deadlines, confirming dates, deliveries, etc.

Questions that unnecessarily burden the hotline (generating needless costs)