AI‐Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Integrated with Messenger Developers API, this professional chatbot solution answers without the need of involvement of a live person. Converts Facebook into 24‐7 customer service machine.

Free 14‐Day Trial Easy Setup
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Enables to build professional Bot with Messenger API

Adds to any existing brand's Messenger
Powered by patented AI which helps to resolve issues instantly
100% automated, no need for any customer agent or representative time

Turns Messenger into effective, 24‐7 customer service center

  • Customer types a question in Messenger or Facebook fanpage
  • The AI‐powered search technology processes the question, understand the meaning of a customer intent
  • The pre‐populated automated, inteligent answer, from the Q&A Knowledge Base are instantly delivered to the customer in the chat window

Why better than Chatbot from free‐to‐use platforms?

Powerful question and intent recognition

Powered by InteliWISE NLP | AI

Pulls real‐time data from
CRM, e‐commerce systems

A truly conversational customer

Full control over privacy

Thanks to optional on‐premise

Ready content for businesses − faster onboarding

+20,000 knowledge base items,
incl. synonims, dialect, definitions
Ready set of questions for
financial, insurance, ecommerce,
B2B services
Fast deployment − library of
consumer intents collected
from similar, past conversations

How to start Chatbot on Messenger − 4 steps

Set up your Chatbot account

Sign in and set up an account, get HTML tag or ask our team for assistance

Build your automated answers fast

Prepare a list od your 20‐30 most pending customer Q&As, for your tailored knowledge base

Plugin to your Facebook page

Follow instructions how to integrate with the Facebook Messenger on your company's Facebook page

Monitor performance
Monitor the volume and transcripts of how your Chatbot answers your customer questions 24‐7, without live help


I want to test it on my company's Messenger

from $249 /mo

per month, plus set‐up fee (individual quote)
14‐days free trial, no credit card required
  • #1 Automated answering system for FAQ & Help
  • 2000 automated answers per month
  • 25 ready‐to‐use
  • Our expert team fully supports installation & service
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