Features, functionalities of AI and Chatbot, enterprise RFI, RFP

This leading‐edge Conversational AI technology proactively assists and engages customers.
And, you can fully‐own and control this self‐service solution.

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Human, helpful and handy
100% programmable

Proactive Engagement Tools

Understands customers personality, tone of voice

Integrated into business processes

Use AI to crack the problem

  • Chatbots understand the 'every‐day language − easily get what users really mean
  • Shows up suggestions, or claryfing questions
  • The AI technology help to learn from previous questions and improves with time

Real‐time answers are generated from different sources

Answers from pre‐populated Q&A Knowledge Base

All bots come with the pre‐populated base, consisting of questions, answers and dialog scenarios. This helps designers to build, set‐up or curate chatbots knowledge.

Answer by pulling out information from other applications and services

Price information, status of the delivery, balance of the account − all of these can featured in Chatbot answer.

Shift only complex conversations to Live Agent

When AI is not able to answer, it escalates conversartion to a Live Agent. Operator can work on chat, messenger, call, email.

This escalation is fully programmable and works based on availability, skill, problem type, waiting time and other.

Support consumers throughout their journey

Informs about offering, prices

Helps with operations
and transactions

Works with maps and apps

Feed marketing, sales and service teams with meaningful data

Providing precise metrics on performance, volumes, escalations, feedback & real
customer insights & language.

Ready content for businesses − faster onboarding

+20,000 Knowledge Base items, including synonims, dialect, definitions.

Ready set of questions for financial, insurance, ecommerce,
B2B services.

Fast deployment − library of consumer intents collected from similar, past conversations.

Deployment is easy

Our Team’s experience in +100 deployments can help you Analise, Build, Customize and Integrate the enterprise Virtual Assistant into your current call center or customer service infrastructure.

Deployment, Setup

Our team project managers will help with a Pilot or POC (proof‐of‐concept), analysis of customer needs, setup of an individual account, population of Knowledge Base with FAQ automated answers and more.

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Tone‐of‐voice, customized answers, scripts, look&feel aligned with corporate identity, A/B testing, integrations with CRM, chat, knowledge base and many more.

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Delivered with admin tools: Content Management and Setup

  • Fully Programmable NLP Builder
  • Virtual Dialog Builder
  • Synonim Generation
  • Entity Extraction

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