AI-Chatbot FAQ

1. What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a powerful, intelligent software for business, that simulates and reflects natural human conversation - between the Call Center Agent and a user. This intelligent technology called Conversational AI, boosts significantly shortens waiting times and boost customer experience. It also increases the productivity of Voice and Live Chat Agents in a Call Center. Behind the Chatbots is AI - Artificial Intelligence (SI) - a technology that recognizes the user intents and repetitve questions of customers. It also enables to automatically respond to their inquiries via mobile, social media channels (e.g. Facebook) or websites. Chatbot, also known as enterprise Virtual Agent or Virtual Assistant, enables machines (websites, online shops, IoT devices) to understand and answer a user's question and ask them in a free language while chatting. Virtual Assistants use the possibilities of virtual conversation and AI, and today they are the most frequently used solution for providing services to specialists. Chatbots support Agents in Call Centers, online retailers or IT specialists in handling repetitive questions - they can help customers place an order in an e-shop, provide information about products, conduct a complaint process or book a ticket. The Chatbot window works on desktops/laptops and mobile devices, is accessible through websites, social and informational applications.

2. How does Chatbot work?

Chatbot is powered by the latest advances in AI and machine learning, uses advanced algorithms to understand human speech or text and respond to it, fully automatically. The customer, by going through the website, e-shop or Facebook profile, asks a question, chat on the website or Messenger, or by voice, and receives an immediate response. Chatbot analyzes the question, tries to understand it through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, answers the questions 100% automatically, even those asked in a free, common user language. Understands intentions and meaning and conducts a conversation similar to that of a real vendor or consultant. Chatbot guesses the essence of the problem, and in case of lack of understanding of the question, can ask (through additional guidance questions) or smoothly redirect the conversation to a consultant (e.g. Live Chat). Virtual Assistants save the user's time by filling in the form, suggesting the best solution or a complementary product. Only in the case of a complicated question, such as account balance, missing shipment or problems with a complaint, Chatbot redirects the user to a consultant. Thus, it relieves the Call Center of the need to make calls concerning the most numerous and the most repetitive topics.

3. How much does it cost the company to set up a Chatbot?

Chatbots defers calls and emails and cut, thus cutting a cost of customer service. It costs significantly less than humans that handle similar tasks. The cost of the setup consists of a one-time set-up fee (configuration) and a usage fee, depending on how intensively it is used by customers.

4. What’s needed to start a Chatbot?

The database of questions and answers is created under the supervision of content and knowledge experts who prepare conversation scenarios. The size of the database affects monthly maintenance costs. Additional benefits are training and technical support, which guarantees stable and smooth operation of the AI-Chatbot. The time of launching a dedicated Virtual Advisor is 1-3 months. The price and launch time also depend on the language used by Chatbot (or the number of languages in the case of international services in different markets). InteliWISE experts will help you choose the right option and prepare a personalized offer adequate to the needs and financial capabilities of the company.

It is worth remembering that professional AI-Chatbots cost much less than hired employees performing the same activities. It pays off for companies to implement these new technologies, so professional contractors, like InteliWISE, adjust their prices to budget constraints. Servicing a single question may cost even a few groszy, compared to even a dozen or so USD (by an agent in a Call Center).

5. What's the budget for Chatbot?

The budget for the start-up of the company Chatbot may amount to several hundred USD or several tens of thousands of USD . The main elements influencing the price are the scope of the chatbot's activity, i.e. the size of the knowledge base and the intensity of its use, measured e.g. by the number of automatic answers given. Price lists of Chatbots for companies usually consist of two elements:

  • a one-off fee for the implementation, teaching Chatbot the first information about the company and creating a knowledge base (a database of scenarios that Chatbot will use when talking to customers)
  • subscription fee - variable fee (e.g. monthly) for Chatbot's work, e.g. for the number of answers he gave or problems he solved.

6. Can Chatbot be a Virtual Advisor?

Yes, Chatbots is also a Virtual Advisor. Using natural language analysis (NLP), with full semantics of Polish language, they are used in online shops or hotlines, enabling automated communication with users. To put it simply, Chatbot is a computer program that is a Virtual Consultant or Assistant - it provides information on asked questions, solves problems or advises on choosing a product or service. Today Chatbots play the role of Virtual Sellers, Financial Advisors and Recruiters.

7. How do I choose a Chatbot supplier?

​The Chatbot supplier for companies, especially large companies, must guarantee its smooth operation measured by the quality of AI algorithms used, secure installation on servers or cloud service, agreement with security and privacy clauses. The basic choice of the company concerns the platform: free, but without the control of the company, or paid. There are several ready-made, usually free platforms on the market, which offer the possibility of running a simple Chatbot, but it is best to outsource the implementation of the Virtual Assistant to a company specializing in such software. Check your supplier portfolio to see for yourself how Chatbots are working, how much traffic they are facing, and how they are chatting with users. When choosing a company, you should also answer the question whether the solution is to be embedded in the cloud or the company depends on the on-premise version (embedding Chatbot on company servers - for some industries (e.g. finance), on-premise options are a key condition, and not all providers offer such a version of Chatbot.

8. What makes Chatbots InteliWISE so special?

  • InteliWISE Chatbots are proven to perform for global brands, are thoroughly tested in more than 100 company implementations, have a US patent and have been repeatedly covered in reports by global analysts.
  • Systems tested on mass traffic of customers on websites - several dozen/several hundred thousand interactions per month, with the highest SLA guarantees.
  • 100% support in the service of implementation/support/application management.
  • Analysis and advanced integration with customer's systems, including CRM, CC, ERP, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • Comprehensive tools for managing appearance, behavior, software content - changes/updates can be done independently.
  • Full support in adapting the software to the new regulations, including RODO, IDD.
  • Possibility of embedding 100% of the solution (previously used in the cloud) on the customer's infrastructure.
  • Integration of Chatbot <-> Live Chat, the so-called Hybrid Chat, allowing optimal use of AI for handling the most common questions and immediate redirection to the Live Chat operator Maximum modularity: the customer can switch off unused software or activate additional functions at any time.

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