Enterprise grade Chatbot, Virtual Assistant for service and sales

This leading‐edge Conversational AI technology proactively assists and engages customers.
And, you can fully‐own and control this self‐service solution.

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When your digital enterprise
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Precisely identifies what your customers mean, plus their context and insights.


Runs personalized conversations, 100% virtually.


Provides right, meaningful, real‐time answers.


More clicks, more sales, less fuss.

The Smart Addition to Customer Service, Marketing and eCommerce

Customer Service

Self‐Service Chatbot

From $0.10 per resolved incident in your Call Centers.
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Sales & eCommerce

Shopping Virtual Assistants

Grows revenue, +11% shopping cart increase.
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Marketing Chatbot

runs 24x7 without a live person, qualifying leads and adding them to your CRM.
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Why is this technology so powerful?

AI. An intelligent automation engine that eliminates repetitve human work

Powered by a high‐performance combination of machine learning technology, rule‐based classifiers and Natural Language Processing. That's why it not only answers user questions with precision but also suggests services and products.

20,000 ready knowledge items. Facts, synonyms, corrections, slang, language‐specific text

The system learns from thousands of previous questions, dealing with problems with logins, transaction status, financial and insurance services, etc. Those question patterns, ways of how users formulated questions, vertical‐specific synonyms are used to power your Chatbot faster and more accurately.

100% Customizable. It's not an AI "Black Box"

We know your company does not want a Chatbot like hundreds of others, created in minutes from a free platform. All of our Chatbot elements − interface, conversation, flow − are fully customized. No answer will be shown that has not been carefully curated and permitted by your team.

100% bullet‐proof for enterprise needs

Mantain Full Control

Data privacy and security are becoming the #1 priority. Companies want to fully control their data. We stand apart from the competition by offering 100% on‐premise deployments, on your infrastructure or private cloud‐based service.

5‐Star Customization Support

Our expert team, with deep experience in AI and content skills, helped over 150 global brands build their AI‐powered Virtual Assistants.

Plug‐in to the existing systems

For more complex projects, our Chatbots are integrated with your company's existing IT system, including CRM, sales, marketing and HR.

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