Our Partners earn money from the intelligent revolution

InteliWISE provides software for intelligent automation of customer service. Cooperation with Partners in implementation and sales is the basis of our success.


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We work with various partners,
who set-up, deploy and sell our AI solutions

Service suppliers

IT integrators

Value Added Resellers

Interactive agencies

Join and earn money on Digital Transformation in various stages

Implementation | Set-up

Analysis and workshops

Use our time-tested methodology and offer the ROI analysis to customers.

Set-up, Implementation and customization fees

Earn from providing an IT service related to the launch of Chatbot, Voicebot or other customer solutions.

Usage fees

Subscription or license commission

Earn on the implementation of integration services of your client's IT systems with InteliWISE solutions.

Integration charges

Whenever your customer sets-up InteliWISE Chatbot or Voicebot, you - as a Partner- receive a fee based on usage. In case of on-premise deployment, you will receive a commission on the license fee.

Post launch fees

Training fees

Use our training methodology, provide the customer's team with a training on AI and application support.

Ongoing bot Training, finetuning of the content.

AI develops each day and the bots which have been implemented at the client's site require continuous improvement. Earn money on this on-going process!

We provide comprehensive tools and know-how
and guarantee end-to-end services and solutions

100% tools

We deliver the world's leading Conversational AI Platform for building and delivering Bot services, Live Chat and Omni-channel.

Knowledge & skills

We thoroughly train in building intelligent solutions, teach how to train Bots and how to improve them.

Materials & documentation

We provide comprehensive sales materials, manuals, instructions.