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  • What’s the difference between Live Chat and Virtual Agent?

    Live chat is a software that helps your sales or service team talk-chat with your customers.It’s different from a Virtual Agent which is an intelligent software that has its own, pre-built base of Q&A. So it does not need a live operator to provide answers, it’s got like automated chat. It’s like a next-gen FAQ or HELP.

  • Why is the price so different for Virtual Agent and live chat?

    Well, actually it’s not.Live chat software is inexpensive, but you have to multiply it by the number of customer service folks, PLUS you have to pay them couple of ‚000 of dollars in salary. Virtual Agent on the contrary, once first taught the Q&As will handle your customers’ issues for a penny each, night&day, 24-7. Even hundreds of them at once. You don’t pay the salary, he doesn’t take the leave.

  • How much it cost?

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  • When can I have it up & running on the site?

    With the live chat, it can work even in 5 or 10 minutes, just Sign In and get the gode. With the Virtual Assistant, you can test the prototype in the couple of days, because our knowledge management team has to build & configure the Q&A knowledge base. Shoot us an email and we’ll get back with the timing.

  • Can I add my avatar / any avatar / video avatar / mascot?

    It wouldn’t be called a Virtual Agent if you couldn’t. We provide both JavaScript and Flash so you can have any avatar embedded in your window.

  • What if Virtual Agent | automated Q&A does not know the answer?

    Some of questions are sophisticated or personalized and we know that. That’s why our Agent has a plethora of ways to handle it: (i) instantly open a live chat with an operator, (ii) get the question and an email of the customer & get back later, (iii) connect with Toll Number via call back or … tell us what to do.

  • Where can I add this virtual agent / assistant?

    It usually works as a (much more cost effective) FAQ or HELP section. As a side tab widget it will help customers contextually with very specific problems on site, like password recovery, delivery options questions, payments etc


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