We are a Conversational AI company delivering AI‐Chatbots, omnichannel messaging, video and API voice to more than 150 brands

InteliWISE at a glance

150 satisfied customers

banks, fintech, insurance,
eGOV & eCommerce,
including global brands
(also Fortune 500)

#8156060 B2

United States Patent

25M automated answers

in virtual conversations company, with 80% of revenue in recurring subscriptions

+35 Professionals

including AI experts in our

InteliWISE is enabling the digital transformation of customer engagement and service by providing intelligent, AI‐powered, industry leading, cloud‐based services. Used for both automated and live‐assisted customer engagement and e‐commerce, the services are deployed by global enterprises (including Fortune 500) and public sector organizations.

Our award winning cloud‐based software is a combination of natural language processing (NLP) − a technology that enables customer intent recognition, with leading customer service and e‐commerce technologies, to heighten the effectiveness of e‐commerce and customer service.

How do we differ?

Full control over platform configuration

including on‐premise or private cloud

Rich NLP tools

delivered with pre‐populated content

Data privacy

enterprise‐level data privacy assurance

Tested with >25M fully‐automated interactions

Some of the global brands powered by our chatbot & messaging software:

Our products
Omnichannel cloud and on‐premise solutions

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI‐Chatbot (Virtual Assistant)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Helpdesk Virtual
Messaging & Desk
  • Live Chat Enterprise
  • Facebook & Instant Messaging Chat
  • Contact Center | Omni-channel (tickets, SMS, inbound, outbound)
Voice (comm.AI)
  • Cloud Telephony, Click2Call
  • Call Center, Scriptable IVR Messaging Chat
  • VoiceAPI
  • Intelligent Outbound CC
  • Video‐call
  • Screen-sharing and Co‐browsing

What do we deliver to brands?

150 satisfied customers

banks, fintech, insurance, eGOV & eCommerce, including global brands (also Fortune 500)


US‐patented NLP Integrated AI‐Chatbot and live chat messaging

Team/ Resources

top‐notch team with experience in enterprise AI/ integration + pool of skilled engineers

Integrations with systems

API & integration (use of GitHub libraries) + programmable messaging + voice (omnichannel)