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  • Acess Wholesale

    InteliWISE Virtual Agent helps clients make their orders on the Acess Wholesale website. In case of more complicated issues client can switch to InteliWISE Live Chat operator.

  • Igloo

    nc+ has launched InteliWISE Live Chat software to support sales and real-time customer service. Clients no longer have to wait for operators to answer their calls.

  • za10groszy.pl

    Za10groszy.pl is a Polish auction service featuring elements of entertainment shopping. InteliWISE Virtual Agent answers web users’ questions about auctions, bidding and payments.

  • LOT Polish Airlines

    LOT Polish Airlines released the intelligent InteliWISE AVATAR on its site in June, 2007. The virtual stewardess, based on innovative AI solutions, answers clients’ questions using Natural Language Processing.

  • Leading Global Food Company

    The implementation of InteliWISE solutions on the Leading Global Food Company site was a multipurpose project. The overall goal was to show how avatars can communicate, guide and support employees who have access to the company’s intranet.

  • Gruper

    Gruper is an innovative service that utilizes the idea of group buying and thus makes it easier to enjoy collective activities – at lower than standard prices.

  • refund.me GmbH

    refund.me GmbH is a company which helps passangers to generate their claims against airlines regarding delays or cancellations.

  • MyAirbags

    MyAirbags offers service to rebuild original automotive electronics. A Virtual Agent answers clients’ questions about orders, shipping and services.


    The CEIDG website has launched Support Center, including a Virtual Agent, Live Chat and Call Center. This solution helps citizens with any difficulties they may have with issues related to economic activity.

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