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Learn how more than 200 leading, global brands have used our AI to grow conversions and decrease costs. Our Conversational AI technology has delivered over 27 million answers to consumers with ZERO involvement needed from a live agent!

Toyota Bank

Financial branch of Toyota, using our AI customer support Chatbot and Live Chat.

Banking / Finances

Leading paid TV & web provider, with InteliWISE messaging and intelligent, automated Chatbot support.

Services, Media

Global insurance group with our customized proactve Customer Support, covering Enterprise Virtual Assistant integrated with Live Chat.

Apteka Melissa

The largest online pharmacy in Poland has implemented a Chatbot solution integrated with Livechat to enable patients to video call or co-browsing.

E-commerce, Pharmacy

The owner of the home&you brand, in order to increase competitiveness and user satisfaction, decided to implement Chatbot integrated with livechat.

E-commerce, Services

Eko Emka specializes in transporting and neutralising medical waste from any type of medical activity. Disposal of this type of dangerous waste requires appropriate procedures, in accordance with legal requirements. In order to support customer service, the company has decided to implement Chatbot (informing) and Voicebot, which facilitates making waste collection appointments.

BDO, Services
Media Expert

The leading electronics retailer with chain of stores selling consumer electronics, has deployed InteliWISE Omni-channel for 360 Customer Service.

Wolters Kluwer

A global provider of professional information, software solutions.


A global BPO added the InteliWISE Chatbot to its help desk portal to assist employees and subcontractors who were generating tickets with “how-to” and “not-working” requests about corporate IT and HR systems.

The result, the top 30% most repetitive issues are now handled automatically with ~9% call-deflection and a sustained customer satisfaction over 90%.


Implementation and support (cloud) for the comprehensive search and on-line processes navigation system.


The world's biggest sports retailer and online sports store for camping, cycling, running and more!


AI - powered self - service and messaging for the blue & yellow, leading DIY company.

Lorenz Bahlsen

Outbound and inbound Voice Automation for the leading German food company.


The investment arm with our InteliWISE intelligent help in form of Chatbot.

Banking / Finances
Reckitt Benckiser

AI - driven consumer engagement solution for one of the largest multinational consumer goods company.


The global leading bank used our consulting services for new product offering.

Banking / Finances

Multilanguage, AI-powered self-service for online retailer.


Global furniture manufacturer is using InteliWISE Live Chat service.


AI-powered support for automated answers to top questions.

eCommerce, B2B

The global leader in BPO (business process outsourcing) is using our automation and omni-channel tools

B2B, Services

The broker for leading international parcel delivery services


Start-ups and agile, aggressive organizations require automated tools for next- generation Customer Interactions. Our omni-channel and chatbots pave the way.


Provider of next-gen educational robots and training software


Live Chat implementation and support as part of Customer Service and online store.

Professor Why

Start-up launching educational software is assisted with our Chatbot.

Services, eCommerce

One of the leading EU airlline, using our proactive Live Chat for omni-channel Customer Service.


A cash-and-carry wholesaler aiming to supply all the needs of Food, operating with more than 130 stores globally


European IT services corp, specialises in hi-tech transactional services & unified communications. Our intelligent automation solutions helped their customers.

B2B, Services
Media Markt

The German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics, has deployed InteliWISE Live Chat for Customer Service.

Northeast Utilities

Leading energy supplier in US. Pilot project related to customer service automation.

Services, Energy
The City Hall of Gdynia

The City Hall of Gdynia is the Poland’s first city hall that has launched the Virtual Officer service.

Kraft Foods

#1 food products supplier in the world, Virtual Assistant implementation as part of a training portal.

Consumer | FMCG

Helpdesk uses our Chatbot and Live Chat for better and intuitive support.

B2B, Services

The US-based provider of copier services is powered by InteliWISE Chatbot & Live Chat.

B2B, Services

Used our AI consulting services for assessing Chatbot opportunity.

Banking / Finances
PayU | Naspers

Leading global payment system supplier, Help Center integration and support + Virtual Assistant.

B2B, Services
GreenShield Ca

The innovative insurance company with our Virtual Assistant support for chat automation.

Jagiellonian University

One of the oldest EU university helps to serve students' questions with Chatbot.

Education, Services
Warsaw University

Facebook's Chatbot is facilitatiing charity services.

Services, Education
Central Bank

Implementation and service for Help Center and Virtual Assistant to support Customer Service.

B2B, Services

A critical eGOV system deployed InteliWISE to streamline its expensive call center operations and improve its low quality‐of‐service which routinely saw over 50% call abandonment.

The InteliWISE Virtual Assistant was integrated with the live messaging and call center and quickly reduced repetitive calls by 39%, delivered over 90% accuracy to automated inquiries, reduced answer time for 85% of calls to less than 20 seconds, and reduced call abandonment to 7%.

#1 hosting and domains service supplier in EU, help center implementation and support with Knowledge Base and integrated search.

B2B, Services
Ministry of Labor (Zielona LInia)

On-premise deployment of Chatbot and Live Chat, integrated with ticketing and video call.

Public Administration | Smart Cities
Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

The leading public adminstration service (Poland) is powered by InteliWISE omnichannel Chatbot, Help Center, handling millions of citizen and officers' requests.

Public Administration | Smart Cities

#1 private high school network in Pl is using Messaging and Live Chat for Customer Care.


One of the most renowned beer brand using our Chatbot for its direct consumer activities.

Consumer | FMCG , e Commerce

Smart City example of InteliWISE Chatbot supporting citizens with their day-to-day issues.

Public Administration | Smart Cities

Stay Fit! BeActive helps you keep up, and InteliWISE helps customers to be immediately informed through live chat.

Liberty Direct

Implementation and service for proactive Live Chat to support online shopping process for the leading insurance services provider.

Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A.

#1 Polish and the 9th largest sugar producer in Europe.

Leading US insurance company

On-premise pilot deployment of AI-powered intuitive search implementation, for intranet use.


Customization & deployment of Virtual Assistant with FAQ knowledge base, supporting intranet project, for the #1 Cable TV provider in the world.

Services, Media

Implementation, customization and service for proactive Live Chat, supporting purchase process in online store.


#1 Polish and the 9th largest sugar producer in Europe.

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange is a joint-stock company founded by the State Treasury. The task of the WSE is to organize public trading in securities. InteliWISE STAND welcomes and informs WSE clients and guests.


Klima-Therm offers HVAC air-conditioning devices, delivery, and assembly, as well as maintenance services. InteliWISE Conversational Agent greeted clients on the company’s website with a Click Through Ratio of 28%.

Experyment Science Center

Our Chatbot - led Kiosk acts as a hostess, receptionist, salesperson and guide at the Experyment Science Center.


A money-lending fintech brand turned to InteliWISE to stay ahead of a large surge (in the thousands) of calls and emails to an 800 number as a result of sudden, dynamic business growth.

The InteliWISE Virtual Assistant stepped into the front lines to address the bulk of repetitive questions, automatically, while seamlessly escalating only the unique and complex questions to Live Agents, resulting in dramatically improved customer service.

Kasa Stefczyka Fund

Live Chat implementation and support for Co-operative Savings and Credit Fund as part of its Customer Service.

Banking / Finances
Kegel Motorcycles

Kegel Motorcycles is the the world’s oldest family owned Harley Davidson dealership.

Vivid Jewelers

Vivid Jewelers is a leading jewelry retailer of fine quality jewelery, luxury watches and custom designed wedding bands and rings.


Owns and operates power plants with approximately 30,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity, and it is the second largest nuclear generator in the USA.

Services, Energy

MyAirbags offers service to rebuild original automotive electronics. A Virtual Agent answers clients’ questions about orders, shipping and services.

The City Hall of Olsztyn

Olsztyn is the next city that has launched the Virtual Officer service on its website. It’s our first Virtual Officer that provides the sign language translation feature.

Public Administration | Smart Cities

Gruper is an innovative service that utilizes the idea of group buying and thus makes it easier to enjoy collective activities – at lower than standard prices.

Public Administration | Smart Cities GmbH GmbH is a company which helps passangers to generate their claims against airlines regarding delays or cancellations.


MKA is a system enabling citizens to use different means of transport in Małopolska region by means of a single combined ticket. MKA launched the Virtual Agent service on its website.

Public Administration | Smart Cities

Implementation and support for the innovative Virtual Branch.

Banking / Finances
Nest Bank

Nest Bank launched a dedicated API (data exchanage) platform incorporating PSD2. This solution enable bank’s customers to access services from other fintechs and institutions. InteliWISE offers the use of its Chatbots when integrating with Nest Bank API.

Banking / Finances

#3 global outsourcing services supplier, pilot project related to project Helpdesk service automation.

B2B, Services