AI for Helpdesk, Chatbot and Voicebot for employee support

Improve IT support with the most recent AI technology. It helps to proactively assist employees at the lowest cost of service. Plus, enterprise can own this solution in 100%.

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Self‐service channels are increasingly used by employees

Traditional Helpdesks are costly & ineffective

Employees, especially those young, tech savvy are increasingly using social search and self‐service

Text chat and social channels are being increasingly used by employees for resolving their problems

Say hello to a new member of the IT Helpdesk

Fully automated, Helpdesk Chatbot is the self‐service tool, which helps to resolve employees issues.
It works like a combination of intuitive search with the robust help desk portal.

Chatbot helps to automate resolving repetetive employees questions

Migrate your Helpdesk to Digital

Our automated & live tools help:

  • migration from help desk with high calls volume into self-service; help service desks
  • help agents and organizations in reducing call volume and cost optimization

Happy employees, less fuss

This innovative IT Helpdesk software service aims to save an employee time and organization’s money.

By empowering employees to solve problems online with intuitive, intelligent search without the need for a phone call or a visit thus freeing up help desk teams’ resources.

Decrease tickets effectively

Success story, 9% less tickets in a week

Results from pilot deployment of Global Tech Provider: number of calls and tickets significantly down.
InteliWISE Automated System overtook the balance of handled/ resolved tickets.

Say hello to a new member of the IT Helpdesk

Managers will be the first to know about employees’ issues.

Reporting of granular data on case resolution, support productivity, conversions & gaps in communications.

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Integration via API with leading Helpdesk, CRM or call center software
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