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Listen to your customers and automate the service. Professional customer service solution 24/7, without the necessity to involve a consultant.

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Solution for professional customer service on communicators

Ability to integrate a Chatbot into an existing Messenger of the company
US-patented AI technology that helps you solve problems immediately
100% automated, no consultant required

& WhatsApp are new,
efficient customer service channels 24/7

Communicators in numbers

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are used by 2.7 billion users each month.
Why Messenger:
Why WhatsApp:
Number of users in the world
over 1.3 billion users worldwide
over 2 billion users worldwide
the most popular application in 128 countries around the world
Number of users in Poland
over 13.8 million users in PL
almost 10 million users in PL
available on Android and IOS

Why Chatbot from InteliWISE instead of a solution from free platforms?


  • Helping customers on their preferred platform, which they use daily
  • Real-time confirmations
  • Customer service personalization is possible by adjusting the script used by WhatsApp
  • Communication with customers is more convenient and secure with comprehensive encryption in WhatsApp

Prepared AI-Chatbot for WhatsApp and

+20,000 items in the knowledge base,
including synonyms, dialect terms, definitions
Ready-made set of questions about
finance, insurance, e-commerce, B2B services
Efficient implementation − a library
of consumer intentions collected from similar past conversations
I am a decision‐maker

I need more information about this,
what Chatbot can do for me

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