Co-browsing, Web Collaboration for customer support and commerce

"Be on the same page" instantly

Often the fastest and intuitive way to share your Agent's screen instantly for online meetings, sales demos, and collaboration.

This remote access software comes in 2 different services: screen‐sharing and co‐browsing. Services help to assist customers intelligently through chat or call.

Screen‐sharing | Show agent’s screen with offer, quote

Let agent present his screen to a consumer. This video customer support program helps consumers by assisting in understanding offer, filling out forms − without actually meeting in person.

All types of materials can be shown

Share the content of
Show the offer, pricing and other important information
Play instructional movies
to consumers
Close deals easier & onboard
in less minutes
Less customers' and prospect's

Seeing agent’s screen by a customer or controlling him remotely by sales person or agent, can save time and confusion for both sides.

For salesperson
For customer service agent
For onboarding

Cloud and on‐premise

Mantain Full Controll

Data privacy and security are becoming company's #1 priority. Brands want to fully control their data. We set apart from most of existing competition by offering 100% on‐premise version (on company's infrastructure) or private cloud‐based service.