Why Is It Worthwhile to Use a Customer Service Chatbot?

Why Is It Worthwhile to Use a Customer Service Chatbot?

Paradoxically, successful sale begins with the right customer service. Every company tries to invest in good customer relations, because they are aware how much good relations affect client’s decision to buy a product. Immediate help during online shopping can persuade the customer to finalize their orders. Chatbots are a solution that allows you to instantaneously react to customers’ question, which directly translates into increased sales.

Chatbots Mean Increased Sales

Using a virtual assistant in customer service saves both time and money. Time is currently a very important factor that has a significant effect on the decision made by the customers (even 30% of customers who get immediate help when shopping online decide to make the purchase). Making sure that you have enough competent employees to react sufficiently quickly to every question of the customer is very pricey.

Chatbots will answer any incoming questions swiftly and smoothly while suggesting products that fit the customer’s needs perfectly. They also have a very high click through rate (about 80%) in comparison to other advertising methods, e.g. traditional emails have a click through rate of 20%. They can also remember user profiles, which may greatly affect further sales.

Chatbots also lift a heavy burden off the shoulders of customer service representatives who no longer need to answer the same questions over and over again. Using chatbots will allow you to decrease the size of your customer service department through automation.

Most Common Task For Chatbots

The most common tasks of any customer service department are: presenting products, special offers, recommending the right products, and servicing complaints, claims and payments. All of these tasks can be performed by chatbots. They can replace even 70% of the customer service staff. A virtual advisor answers the most frequently asked question, engages the customer and improves customer relations.

With the right configuration of AI algorithms and implementation of intelligent scripts, chatbots can also handle complaints and answer questions about payments or shipping. As virtual assistants, they are able to help customers choose products or services based on their basic parameters and needs. Chatbots can also estimate the cost and time needed to perform a given service.

Thanks to their wide array of capabilities, chatbots are a great support for the customer service department. Your representatives will have to answer only non-standard questions.

The Future Belongs to Chatbots

The constant development of AI and machine learning makes chatbots capable of performing tasks that until recently required human specialists. Investing in these technologies is more cost-effective than hiring more customer service staff.

The huge popularity of instant messengers (e.g. Facebook Messenger is used by ca. 1.2 billion people) has caused customer service to move more and more to social media. Chatbots are one of the easiest solutions to implement as far as customer service in messengers is concerned.

A virtual assistant can answer any questions 24/7 all year long and never gets bored. Investing in AI and chatbots is a potential increase in revenue, profits or a decrease in the costs of customer service.