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Voicebot HR – Automate Your Recruitment Process

Artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly supports human work by taking over repetitive, schematic activities in business. Thanks to modern technological solutions, we can benefit from a number of improvements that are made by automating business processes with the help of AI. Many entrepreneurs decide to hire virtual workers (bots) because they are well aware that it is a big step towards positive changes leading to dynamic growth of their business.

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HR voicebot – automated recruitment software, a technology based on artificial intelligence, is used to make phone calls to candidates to confirm their interest in a selected job offer. In traditional recruitment, this task rests with the HR department, who have to make hundreds of calls a day to applicants for a specific position in response to a published job advertisement (by sending their CV along with a phone number via the contact form).

The purpose of these interviews is to establish the validity of the application and availability of the candidate. This activity takes place in the first stage of recruitment and serves to eliminate invalid applications and select potential candidates. This is a monotonous, tedious and time-consuming activity, which can cause discouragement and irritation in many human resources managers. This type of activity, although simple, consumes a lot of energy. As a result, the recruiter feels tired at the beginning of their work, often reducing motivation to perform other tasks – especially those requiring creative thinking.

Virtual HR Manager relieves recruiters and generates savings

Recruitment with voicebot looks the same as recruitment conducted by an HR employee. The difference being that it takes much less time and does not involve human intellectual resources.

Voicebot HR, also called a virtual HR specialist, calls the candidates to conduct a short interview, during which it asks questions according to a previously prepared scenario. The content of the scenario is built on a template available to the software provider. Usually this template is supplemented with phrases provided by the client (in this case by the recruitment company or HR department) in order to most accurately reflect the actual conversation. This gives the voicebot an extensive knowledge base to construct questions or answers – adequately to the context of the user’s speech. Even a simple XLS from the client is enough to create such a database.

Voicebots 🖱️ can converse with dozens or even hundreds of candidates at the same time due to the handling of scheduled phone calls being fully automated. InteliWISE’s virtual HR professional has achieved a success rate of over 8%. Taking cumbersome duties from a human being in a short period of time has created high interest in further cooperation. From an economic point of view, hiring an HR voicebot to conduct an outbound campaign is a beneficial solution. This allows the company to achieve high efficiency at a low cost.

The possibility of conducting large-scale telephone campaigns, a “cold” base, narrow time slots and a small time interval of campaign duration (3 h and 36 min) are the quality features that determine the value and uniqueness of InteliWISE virtual HR.

Building smart HR systems on the road to business growth

HR Voicebots are implemented into existing systems, and if necessary, can be adapted to the individual needs of a company. In order to install a virtual HR Voicebot, you first implement the flow of conversation and set up a dialer (i.e. a mechanism for making intelligent phone calls to a database of numbers in scheduled time slots).

recruiting voicebot for hr from inteliwise

After the end of the campaign, the client downloads a report that is available ‘on the spot’, which allows for the ongoing monitoring of the situation, quick assessment of the progress of the recruitment process and the immediate initiation of the next required steps. Its  takes just a few clicks to find out which of the applicants have confirmed their interest in the job offer! Then, allAll that remains is to invite them to an interview.

Noticeable and tangible benefits in the form of time saved by the company’s employees and lower costs compared to manual recruitment are certainly some of the most important arguments in favor ofall create favor in the  automation of HR processes. Voicebots, taking over the tedious duties of employees, allow recruiters to perform more complex and unconventional tasks, such as creating a profile of the ideal candidate, developing the a recruitment strategy, or constructing an interesting interview scenario.

"Hyper-automation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can and should be automated will become automated.”
Brian Burke, Research Vice President, Technology Innovation Gartner, eBook Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021.

These words only reinforce our belief that HR process automation is a strategy to build intelligent work management systems.