Voicebot for Surveys with the natural Voice

The New Generation Voicebot for Surveys has now the natural Voice and Fully Automatically Conducts Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers’ opinions and ratings are crucial for companies that pay particular attention to promotion, advertising or position in the search engine. Many firms are conscious that customer retention and profitability often refer to a consistent customer satisfaction survey, and a loyal customer is a value for their business. Customer satisfaction with the brand choice depends on several factors such as price, quality, the functionality of the product, customer service, timeliness, speed of delivery, contact with the company, etc. However, one thing is crucial – consumer opinions are a real treasure of knowledge on how to improve your activities to meet or even exceed customer expectations.

Customer Experience as a Key to Change for the Better

A satisfaction survey is a reflection of a customer’s opinion. The result shows how credible a given brand is in the eyes of the buyer. This research covers the overall Customer Experience (CX) related to purchases and consumption. These experiences may also relate to the post-purchase phase, e.g. the complaint procedure.

Entrepreneurs learn about the customer’s feelings and can respond appropriately to his needs. On the other hand, the customer who participates in the survey feels that the salesperson cares about his opinion. Therefore, customer satisfaction research is mutually beneficial and is conducive to building loyalty relationships.


Almost all entrepreneurs examine customer satisfaction using a variety of contact tools. Usually, this task belongs to the Contact Center employees who make hundreds of phone calls and send countless text messages, e-mails or survey links to collect feedback on the purchased goods and services. Thanks to that, sellers find out what should be improved, introduced or eliminated according to the consumers. They determine the value of the offered product. However, the mentioned methods are labour–intensive and therefore very expensive. Moreover, their effectiveness is unfortunately low.

New AI-based Telephone Survey Methods Effectively Replacing the Traditional Callback or Text Messages

The modern approach to customer satisfaction research uses tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). An example is the Voicebot, a virtual voice assistant that independently makes and receives phone calls to conduct a conversation with the client. A virtual voice assistant conscientiously complements (sometimes even replaces) telemarketers, and its advantage is that it can reach many people. It’s scalable and therefore cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate. On the contrary – the new AI-based methods are accurate.

There are many Voicebots available in the market, traditional and the most modern, such as the InteliWISE product. The traditional Voicebot uses TTS (Text To Speech), a speech synthesizer that mechanically converts text into spoken speech. This voice sounds mechanical, artificial, like a robot.

InteliWISE’s Voicebot speaks with a natural voice-over. It makes the sound very authentic, which is the desired value from the customer’s point of view.

A bot with a “lively” voice evokes positive feelings because the way of speaking does not differ much from a human speaking. InteliWISE’s Voicebot sounds natural – like a human voice. Clients sometimes have a problem finding out who they are talking to – human or program


The Voicebot can recognize the context of the interlocutor’s speech and adequately respond to the words. The conversation with a virtual voice assistant is fluent. It is crucial because the lack of mutual understanding disturbs the interaction and discourages the interviewees from further talking. Consumers are more likely to conversate with a Voicebot that is much more than just a mechanically responding robot.

The company can run the survey on its own, or InteliWISE can deliver a ready solution:

  • the company sets up a free account, selects the best call scenario and phone number, and configures the service settings. In the end, all that’s left to do is start it. If the entrepreneur wishes to have a voice-over, he provides us with his recording or asks us to prepare it
  • the entrepreneur orders InteliWISE to perform all activities to create an effective bot for consumer polls (in the case of a lack of knowledge of new technologies). Then we deal with the construction, implementation and commissioning of the entire Voicebot service (including Voicebot recording)
  • the company already has an InteliWISE Voicebot running but wants an additional Voicebot to contact its customers to conduct a survey. The entrepreneur decides what voice his Voicebot will speak: TTS google/techmo or the teacher’s voice. Listen to the recordings of the consultants conducting the interview

Sample template of a conversation with the respondent.

Hundreds of Surveys Made Automatically without Call Center Agents

Studying the customer search level is an invaluable way to spread the word about your advertisement on your prospect’s page. At this point, traditional methods of reaching the customer are tedious and time-consuming. In addition, they cost a lot, at least systematically, on the part of consultants.

Modern survey tools, such as the InteliWISE Voicebot, show that communicating with the mentioned channels is outdated and ineffective. Fewer customers are willing to spend their valuable time filling in and returning the survey by hand. After all, it takes some effort and concentration on their part, so expect them to ignore this message. Another option is that the client will make a “silent” commitment to participate in the study later but will forget about his previous declaration after a few days. Experience shows that hardly anyone responds to text messages and e-mails asking for an opinion.


Surveying with the participation of artificial intelligence is quick, effective and, above all, on a large scale. Voicebot can reach hundreds or even thousands of customers at the same time. Even if the customer refuses to participate in such a survey, the seller receives information. In the case of sending e-mails or text messages, you can endlessly wonder why the client did not respond? Is it because he did not want to or maybe because he forgot? Or perhaps he did not receive an e-mail because the message ended in SPAM? In such situations, consultants waste a lot of time trying to contact because the lack of any response from the recipient is ambiguous.

Now Voicebot will also Conduct an NPS Assessment

One of the tools for assessing customer loyalty to the company is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It informs about the degree the client would recommend a given brand/product/service to other people. It certainly won’t happen if the customer is dissatisfied with our product. Therefore, customer satisfaction has double power. Firstly – satisfied customers will come back, and secondly – they will recommend products or services to other people. They will be the best ambassadors of the brand. From the economic point of view, it is clear that a loyal consumer means more sales and higher revenues. The satisfaction survey helps to achieve this goal, which allows you to conclude that it has a real impact on business development and determines the company’s success.

Interactive Voice Assistant for Surveying is Now Available in Free Trial, just within an Hour

A new, natural Voicebot for consumer polls can be launched in just one hour. InteliWISE provides tools to build it for both developers and small businesses. It offers ready-made templates and pre-prepared conversation scenarios during the survey with the client.

To create a free account and test it go to myInteliwise.

If you would like to review the instructions go to the manual.

Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Human Work and Accelerates the Achievement of Goals

There is no need to convince anyone that it is worth conducting customer satisfaction surveys. A mindless approach to selling cannot end well – your customers need to be listened to know if you are going in the right direction. However, it is worth going a step further and making an informed choice of consumer survey tools, as many are “time wasters” with dubious diagnostic value.

Voicebot inteliwise for HR

Automation solutions simplify human work and save a lot of money. An entrepreneur employing a Voicebot incurs much lower implementation costs than the monthly remuneration costs of Contact Center consultants. Investing in an AI survey, i.e. a customer survey Voicebot is profitable because after a couple of months is a return on investment.

Research conducted by the French Capgemini showed that 75% of companies using artificial intelligence increased customer satisfaction by 10%. The power of AI is revolutionary, and modern technologies keep discovering new opportunities. The needs of our clients inspire us to create them.

The power of AI is truly revolutionary, and we are only at the beginning of the journey

We sign these words with both hands because we know that new technologies constantly reveal new opportunities for us, and the needs of our clients inspire us to create them.