Virtual Assistant helps with opening new accounts in online banking

Virtual Assistant helps with opening new accounts in online banking

Customer acquisition in online banking

Hundreds of individuals are setting up accounts in on-line banks every day, yet thousands are abandoning this process because of the lack of immediate assistance. Most of customers, while being in the process, have questions to banking customer service. They mostly include simple ones like: Are ATMs are free?How much is the transfer from the account online? Where are ATMs in cityX ? No matter what the question is, the answer must be instant, through live chat or automated Q&A.

InteliWISE virtual chat agent assists with instant answers

Virtual Agent now assists customers at one of the leading on-line bank – Alior Bank.

Our automated live chat can now provide applicants with instant answers to pending questions JUST WHILE they are in the process of setting up an account. Whenever an individual has a pending question, it barely takes a second to input question in the intelligent search box, and the automated chat is being initiated. As the chat is automated, powered by AI and semantic search, it is available 24/7, immediately.

Automated Q&A that escalates to live chat operator

With this virtual agent there goes a feature that seamlessly escalates to a live chat operator, whenever the customer issue is more complicated or requires some advanced data mining.