InteliWISE #SolidarityWithUkraine

#SolidaritywithUkraine. We Help Companies In Supporting their Ukrainian Customers

Due to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, mass migration of refugees has been arriving in Western Europe since the Second World War. German migrant researcher Gerald Knaus estimates that “within a week as many people reached the European Union as during the entire war in Bosnia”. If the current dynamics of the increase in the influx of refugees continues, up to 10 million inhabitants may leave Ukraine.

Chatbot powered by InteliWISE in ukrainian

InteliWISE, like other companies and aid organizations, supports Ukrainian citizens by offering work in internal IT departments. Thousands or even millions of refugees will look for diverse information on Polish portals. In response to these needs, InteliWISE has prepared innovative solutions to make it possible to communicate with companies representing various industries. A chatbot that supports the Ukrainian language will help them find themselves in new conditions and obtaining information on documents, work, health care, and education.

Support for Companies in the Service Process of Ukrainian Citizens

We help what our company’s DNA is – access to information. We use our AI technology to analyze and understand the Ukrainian language to support Ukrainian citizens. InteliWISE has prepared solutions to help newcomers find the necessary information and communicate with your company. We launched a Chatbot that supports the Ukrainian language. Our solution is designed to help Ukrainian citizens find themselves in the new conditions and obtaining informations on important matters, such as documents, work, health sector and education.

Most Ukrainian citizens do not know Polish, so it is crucial to help overcome the language barrier, which is essential for a foreign country. Access to information sometimes is impossible due to fake news spread, especially on the Internet. Therefore, InteliWISE chatbot database information contains information about general assistance and the current affairs of Ukrainian citizens.

Chatbot in ukrainian language powered by InteliWISE

We can provide Ukrainian-speaking consultants to assist with the implementation of our solution. Thanks to this, communication will become even simpler and clearer.

What can you win by starting Chatbot?

  • help in breaking the language barrier
  • automating answers to routine questions
  • winning new customers

Chatbot in Ukrainian to Launch on the Site

Companies that plan to serve their customers in Ukrainian can launch the solution on their website or in a mobile application within hours. Thanks to the NLU technology, the chatbot understands questions and answers immediately in Ukrainian, providing answers based on ready-made scenarios. Thanks to the knowledge base, access to information are unlimited regardless of time and geographic location.

What Range of Questions will Chatbot Handle?

  • Documents / At the border
  • Documents / Extension of stay
  • Work
  • Border crossing / No accommodation
  • Border crossing / COVID-19 certificate
  • Crossing the border / Onward journey to another country
  • Bringing the family to Poland
  • Transport / Free travel by trains
  • Office for Foreigners
  • Health
  • Vaccinations against COVID-19

Chatbot Helps to Answer Questions in the Ukrainian Language

The InteliWISE tool is tailor-made. You can use the configurator on our portal to prepare conversation scenarios and answers about your company and the offered products or services

Chatbot in ukrainian powered by InteliWISE

The Chatbot supports the customer service of public institutions, companies from various industries or retail. Answers to repetitive questions significantly facilitate the work of your team. Employees gain more time to deal with crucial issues that require the presence of a living human being. Additionally, you can also help Ukrainian citizens to settle in foreign countries.

The Lack of Ukrainian Speaking Staff is not a Barrier to Your Business

We provide the opportunity to communicate with the client before your company manages to hire customer service staff in Ukrainian and a huge relief for the customer service office even if you have multilingual staff (read about our multilingual Chatbot for Bimago).

The number of inquiries in Ukrainian in many industries is likely to increase shortly. Thanks to a solution such as InteliWISE’s Chatbot, you do not have to worry about hiring additional staff. The Chatbot will answer the most frequently asked questions about your products.

Service Consultant in Ukrainian to Solve More Complex Problems

If the service of customers from Ukraine is more complicated, InteliWISE provides your company with a consultant to handle the helpline in Ukrainian. The consultant will take over the conversations with the client from the Chatbot and solve the problem or help with the service or product purchase. We also provide training and all the tools necessary to carry out tasks on the chat, hotline or through the form. Our consultant is available both full-time or during selected hours.