Type of shoppers’ questions (in the cart) that Live Chat helps answering

Type of shoppers’ questions (in the cart) that Live Chat helps answering

Online stores are among the most frequent users of live chat software. Over 56% e-commerce customers have used live chat at least once to answer a question on a company’s website.

Perhaps you’ve already used a live chat while doing your summer shoppings. What are the type of questions you can expect over the chat? Through our customer base we gathered a number of typical questions:

Specifications of product or service

The most common questions asked through the live chat are related to product and service details. Either the information may not present on the website or perhaps is hard to find. It happens that the information is present, but in tech jargon instead of normal human language therefore it might be hard to digest. A skilled agent using the chat to present the products’ benefits and link them to the needs of the visitors can be a great help.


Another frequent enquiry which can be expected from visitors is the request for further recommendation of service or product. Less experienced clients are usually unsure about what to buy and take staff opinion as an important source of information. If you fail to provide this advise service, your visitors might chose your competitors.

Promotions and discounts

There are plenty of bargainers who dig the internet to find the best deals and they will be closely monitoring your website to find best deals. The most common questions regarding special offers are the promotion validity and the conditions applied.


Every product bought on the Internet comes with a warranty that gives the customer the right to return the product if it doesn’t match the characteristics advertised or the expected quality. Customers are usually interested in the expiration and extent of the warranties for products bought online.

Shipping Conditions

Questions about shipping conditions are also among the most common. It’s not unusual to be asked for your shipping supplier, how long it will take until the customers address or the additional charges applied.