Conference #PolandCanDoNation in New York

On October 4, in New York, under the slogan #PolandCanDoNation, representatives of the largest Polish companies and startups with global ambitions met with American entrepreneurs. InteliWISE took part in a meeting organized by PZU Group and Goldman Sachs bank.

The conference #PolandCanDoNation aims to present the potential of the Polish country and the role it can play on the global market. Poland is one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union and wants to do business more globally, and the United States is the cradle of entrepreneurship and innovation – a key point on the business map of the world. On the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, the decision-makers of both countries had a unique opportunity to establish new personal and business relations.

InteliWISE is an innovative Polish company with many implementations of AI solutions in the demanding American market and it has patented in the USA technology of intelligent recognition of natural language. Marcin Strzałkowski  –  the founder of InteliWISE, at a special invitation, took an active part in the discussion on the potential of Polish technology exports and the development of innovative companies.