The super – flexible approach to salesperson outsourcing

The super – flexible approach to salesperson outsourcing

“I really need a salesperson for the 3 hectic hours when we launch the e-mail campaign”

A number of our recent focus – groups with leading on-line merchants indicate, that traditional Call Center outsourcers, with leased agents operate in a totally outdated mode. Flat monthly rates “per consultant, per month,” does not take into account the volatility of the modern e-commerce: hourly, daily, monthly. It ends up with low conversion rates and high rate of unpicked calls during online performance campaigns.

Here are couple of merchants’ insights:

Hanna, the head of the call center, has a problem with handling a large number of applications from 1pm to 3pm on every last week of a month.

Chris needs a support from outsourced salesperson only for Mondays’ & Thursdays’ afternoon. On those times, customers are waiting on the line, because there is no capacity in the in-house call center to serve them.

Mark, head of digital marketing, shoots an e-mail outbound campaign on every 1st week of the month. The volume of queries then surges enormously, with on average 30% of calls pick – up rate.

Agent by an hour

That’s why, at InteliWISE we decided launch a totally flexible outsourcing service, that offers live agents support by an hour, at a selected time of the day, or week, or month.
Agents can pick – up web chats (live chat), can answer tickets (text messages in on-line forms, or calls).
It has an unbeatable value of ready – to – use packages, that merchants can select up-front. Those packages consist of flexible Agents timelines, that merchants can utilize.
Agents provide the entirely remote support, in number of languages, and can be ready to pick up first chats or calls even in the next 24hours.

The super – high ROI

So far, many merchants had a simple choice: hire a full – time sales Agent, or outsource from the traditional Call Center, but utilizing those Agents only on average by 50 – 60%. Moreover, merchants have problems to fill vacancies for weekends or off – hours support.

The new, “by an hour” service, is expected to solve a number of key problems:
• a lack of budget for the employment of a “full-time” Agent / employee,
• a dynamic fluctuations in incoming calls/ emails/ chats,
• a high shopping cart abandonment, because of the lack of live support from salesperson.

The new service is powered by a number of intelligent automation tools, incl. intelligent knowledge base, virtual assistants, proactive live to chat or video – chat. Our team has so far handled more than 38,000 chat interactions, more than 180,000 phone calls and scored plus 80% of acceptance rate.