The Smart City solution for The City Council of Wroclaw

The Smart City solution for The City Council of Wroclaw

InteliWISE will deliver the BOT (Virtual Assistant) cloud – based solution for city council’s Customer Service for Wroclaw citizens. The city council is the 12th implementation of the company’s AI – based, cloud- based software Virtual Officer for public administration and e-government sites.

Technology will support customer service

An innovative, automated – answering technology will support customer service and access to e-services in the council. The development project includes the entire configuration of the search engine and the development of the FAQ knowledge base of the so-called ‘ready-made answers’ on FAQ from citizens, businesses and investors.

Modern omni-channel

As a modern omni-channel customer service solution, the BOT | Virtual Officer will be integrated with the existing channels, incl. Live Chat, Call Center, Tickets. Additionally, the content – administration tools will be provided, enabling also detailed reporting.

The solution enables the simultaneous conduct of an unlimited number of citizen–to-officer interactions. Additional service for the visually impaired citizens will be provided, via the implementation of the recording session of a sign language interpreter and video connection.