Success Story – LOT Airlines

LOT Airlines Virtual Stewardess is managing more than 70% of help desk inquiries without live agent support


The next generation intelligent agent handles thousands of queries automatically, 24/7, without involving any live agent assistance or support.

lot airlines screen success


The Challenge


  • Is a leading European air carrier, perceived as a conservative brand
  • Serves almost 5 million passengers a year, 10% served online
  • Has launched a new platform for ticket sales, an image change reinforced by an intensive advertising campaign
  • Connects clients to sales agents, directly or via phone

Solution provided by InteliWISE

Launch of Virtual Stewardess, an interactive guide supported by state-of-the-art AI technologies

InteliWISE Conversational Engine-powered guide, with a dedicated dynamic knowledge base of more than 2,000 question options in natural language

Dialog promoting key information relating to the company and air travel

Unbeatable interactivity, provided by programmable video avatar and voice synthesis multimedia

How does it work: Examples of questions and answers

Below are examples of dialogs run by the InteliWISE Conversational Agent on the LOT Airlines website

User: Hello.
Kate: Hello. How can I help you?

U: How to transport ski gear?
K: You’re traveling to ski? Remember that if your gear fits into the baggage limit, you don’t pay any extra charge.

U: What is the free baggage limit?
K: Free baggage limits are based on two systems: piece concept system for flights to/from US and Canada and weight-determined system for other routes. More information can be found on our website. (appropriate text is hyperlinked)

U: How much will I pay for excess luggage?
K: For each 1 kg of excess luggage an extra fee depending on the route is charged. Do you want to learn more? I will load a website with further information on the subject. (possibility to load the appropriate website here)

U: What types of planes do you have in your fleet?
K: The fleet of LOT Airlines consists of over 50 airplanes of various types. Check the types of the planes on our website. (link to the appropriate website here)

U: Can I use an mp3 player during the flight?
K: During the flight you can use an mp3/mp4 player after prior consulting the board crew.

U: Thank you for your help.
K: No problem. It is my job to give information.

U: Good bye.
K: Bye bye.

Below are examples of “personal” questions.

U: Hi honey!
K: Hi! I’m ready to help you.

U: What is your bra size?
K: I’m not used to talking to strangers about such things.

U: What’s your name?
K: My name is Kate.

U: What kind of bra are you wearing?
K: This conversation gets embarrassing for me.

U: I like you.
K: I’m flattered to hear that. 🙂

U: How old are you?
K: Always eighteen. 🙂

U: You’re pretty.
K: You’re embarrassing me. 🙂

U: You’re beautiful.
K: You make me blush. 🙂

U: But I like you.
K: I’m happy to hear that!

U: Do you have a boyfriend?
K: I’d rather not answer this question.

U: What are your hobbies?
K: I have numerous hobbies. 🙂

U: You’re stupid.
K: You should get a grip on yourself and behave in a cultural way.

U: Will you go out with me?
K: I don’t go out with strangers. 🙂


  • Reducing contact through e-mail and application form by 70% with an 85% correct answer ratio
  • Conducting up to 500 conversations a day
  • Acting as an easy-to-use enterprise search
  • Enhancing website ergonomics by providing “leap – search” for FAQ queries
  • Providing result-oriented scenarios, supporting customer service and e-commerce processes

“Handling over 500 complex dialogues daily, reaching 85% effectiveness in online customer service after a very short time, the Virtual Stewardess proved to be the best choice for LOT, helping online clients with quick and accurate answers about our services and products. An excellent, intelligent FAQ.”

R. Dutkowski, E-commerce Executive, LOT S.A.