Success story - Comcast

Success story – Comcast

The InteliWISE AnswerNow™ Agent is a host at the website.


The InteliWISE AnswerNow™ Agent serves as a host at the website. It answers Comcast web users’ questions in the following areas:

  1. Comcast Training troubleshooting and usage processes
  2. Comcast Training resources
  3. Comcast products
  4. Comcast organization
  5. Field Representative Training resources

Main features

The InteliWISE AnswerNow™ Agent’s main features include:

  1. Accepting the user‘s input question in natural language thanks to the algorithms supporting the natural language recognition process
  2. Offering suggested questions in regards to activity scenarios
  3. Methodology for the integration with external data systems
  4. Methodology for audiovisual knowledge presentation
  5. A contextual video presentation module
  6. giving an answer found in one of many sources and saying it out loud using text-to-speech synthesis.

Location and design

The InteliWISE AnswerNow™ Agent (character #88) is located in every section of in the top-right corner of the screen. If a user clicks the input field, the window expands, and the Agent appears.



The InteliWISE AnswerNow™ Agent:

  • leverages internal users’ experience through a powerful search engine, ensuring a high level of response accuracy
  • ensures a better user experience through business language recognition & interactive video
  • provides rich insight into customer’s behavior through dashboard and statistical reporting