“Pull” your SEO and campaign efforts (to convert them to expected conversion)

“Pull” your SEO and campaign efforts (to convert them to expected conversion)

SEO campaigns and gaining “paid” traffic in your e-shop or website requires today considerable amount of funding. Unfortunately there is no alternative to it, as it’s impossible to build today a substantial traffic, without investing behind paid ads or content.

However, analysts point out, that bringing customers on-line is almost the easiest task; the key battle takes place in the field of conversion. Once the registration process, product presentation and payments are done properly, one should consider if a customer is able to get an immediate advice from a sales representative or call center agent. And it looks that it’s important, as numerous reports show that consumers that complain from “the inability of getting an immediate help” are the most likely to abandon shopping cart. *

Examples of ways of offering help (what else besides e-mail form)

Basically, there are two major business objectives for an e-shop or a website: to make a purchase – (whenever e-shops are considered), and gaining a lead (contact to the customer) – in case of almost all other websites. For many years, the case was reflected by e-mail form or phone call to customer service. Leads usually landed in the “inbox”, or – sometimes – in a CRM, some of them to the place  where no one ever could find them.

However today, the ” assistance” can be offered in many, much more productive ways”

Rediscovered E-mail form: instead of simply “asking” customers in a dull way, about their e-mail address, one can show contextually relevant content or functionality, which after a while collect e-mail addresses in the “background.”

E-mail form

Invitation to Live Chat: more effective than e-mail, faster than a phone call

Live chat, if supported by an efficient sales assistant, who may also use a co- browse feature (co-navigation with a user), screen sharing, file transfer, may be the most effective shopping cart support.

Invitation to Live Chat

Invitation for call-back: immediate or “postponed to a certain time”, free or paid, calling back the customer can operate much more efficiently, than leaving an e-mail address. Phone conversation, integrated with chat and shared browsing, can be surgically precise.

Invitation for call-back

Program the way you offer assistance

Irrelevant of the way the assistance is offered, the marketer or shop owner should consider the “waiting time” of a customer for a live agent. Many online shops that expierence longer waiting times longer than 30-50 seconds, end with >90% of shopping cart abandonment. That`s why it’s so important to methodically “program” (i.e. with rule – based triggers, or behavioral triggers), so that the system worked consistently, even at night or on weekends, or when all live agents or assistants are busy with customers. Invitations must be then automatically performed by the intelligent systems, like. Virtual Assistants or ChatBOTs, that will provide instant answers to customers or ask for a bit of patience. It will act much more efficiently than a delayed, busy live agent.

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* Forrester Research Reports 2015