On-Premise Live Chat for Online Banking

On-Premise Live Chat for Online Banking

IT solutions in the financial sector need to satisfy certain safety standards. It is especially important due to data protection. Data control is a priority that requires the implementation of adequate solutions that meet the restrictive requirements of financial institutions.

On-premise vs. cloud

On-premise or cloud – many financial institutions planning the implementation of live chats, which have become indispensable elements of professional customer service, are faceingthis dilemma. On-premise is a solution consisting of storing data on the institution’s own server. Cloud, as the name suggests, means storing data in a cloud.

Which is better? It all depends on the requirements of the institution. On-premise guarantees  full control over the data which is stored, maintained and protected on the servers of the company. For large financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc.) this is a critical precondition for live chat implementation.

Another feature of on-premise is the possibility to adjust the service and to integrate it with other systems used by the institutions, e.g. CRM, call centres, chatbots. Therefore, this option makes it possible to create a tailored product that will satisfy every need of the organisation. Services implemented in the on-premise model also provide access to advanced applications with a wide variety of features (100% features of cloud) that enable full data control.

Live chat is delivered together with an omnichannel Agent’s Portal, that makes it possible to integrate and handle chat together with other channels, such as: hotline, text messages or emails, forms, Facebook Messenger or a ticket system (that can be serviced internally).

InteliWISE offers the implementation of an on-premise live chat together with every feature that buyer requests That makes us stand out in the crowd of the competitors. We understand the need for data control and for sticking to procedures developed in large financial institution. We have successfully implemented live chats in many projects, e.g. for the banking sector. We have created a product that meets all expectations.

We also offer cloud solutions with many advanced features. Due to easier implementation and lower costs, a live chat in a cloud is an option chosen more frequently by smaller companies.

InteliWISE Live Chat – why is it worth it?

Full integration with queues, console and customer data are only some of the features of our solutions in enterprise implementations. Customers who choose InteliWISE can count on rich API (Application Programming Interface), meaning features will be tailored precisely to the their needs, e.g. in the areas of queues, statistics or monitoring.

The extensive experience of our team of engineers guarantees great performance and quick execution of the whole process. We are also experienced in developing projects for the financial sector and banks, which makes us able to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding companies.

The reliability of our service is guaranteed by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) – an agreement that defines the list of provided services, as well as their scope and profile. It imposes penalties for failing to fulfil its conditions, which is an effective precaution, especially in the case of financial institutions such as banks. With implementations as advanced as enterprise, we don’t base our cooperation on simple terms of service, which is a document that many other providers  use.

Due to the requirements of tenders, we have a lot of experience with modifying our solutions to meet Terms of Reference (ToR). We also provide exhaustive answers to request for information (RFI).