Just have released plugin for WordPress…

The 1st Virtual Agent plugin for WordPress

WordPress is huge, and has just announced exceeding 50 millions (!) of sites and blogs built on this great CMS. We are happy to announce that, from now on, each and every one of those millions will be easily able to add virtual agent on their site.

InteliWISE virtual agent + wordpressSo far, adding a virtual agent required a lots of professional skills and was costly. Not any more – WordPress developers looking for active methods to engage site visitors need to see this tool in action. Plug in can be tested for free, without necessity of providing credit card information.

For lead generation, feedback, contact forms.

When added to a website built on WordPress, Virtual Agents that work like an automated live chat, providing customers assistance 24/7, can play different roles, including:

  • a better Contact Form, because they are proactively reaching out to shoppers, instead sitting and waiting for them to click;
  • a more customer – friendly Feedback widget, that enables them to type in what’s on their mind…
  • a Lead Generation tool that helps to promote daily deals more precisely to customers.

Also, our Plug-in reaches out to your visitors, and gives your site the intelligence required to lead the conversation with your sites visitors and collect the data you need to succeed. In the first test installments, we have seen customers that wow-ed our side tab widget, and have immediately seen reporting which contributed significantly to their business…

It’s really easy to add

It can be installed within minutes on any WordPress web site, blog or online store. The agent is completely configurable, allowing the control of site placement, and a selection of +100 male or female avatars in the library, ready–to–use. Last, but not least, rich reporting will provide important information on what customers are asking about, in their exact words.

And we offer the first 30 days support and service levels free.

Download from here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/inteliwise-virtual-agent/ to get the Virtual Agent running on any WordPress.