InteliWISE’s intuitive search starts thinking as you start typing

Sunnyvale, CA — Nov 24, 2010 –InteliWISE has launched an intuitive search that starts thinking as a user starts typing, anticipating what the user wants to ask, and completing what the user is searching for.

This new enterprise search feature called Contextual Search leverages existing enterprise site search results by anticipating a true customer intention and guiding customers to the right results much more accurately than traditional search engines. It does it through intelligent search engine optimization, using company’s exclusive semantic intelligent search software.

Forrester 2010 research says:

Searchable self-service and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are among the most commonly accessed customer service touch points, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

InteliWISE CEO Marcin Strzalkowski says:

Then next generation of Intelligent Site Search must interpret more than the words given, it must understand the meaning of a customer inquiry. InteliWISE recognizes what people want from site search agents and have developed an intelligent search algorithm and intelligent search software with auto-complete features.

InteliWISE uses this new feature in their Virtual Agents by combining a contextual auto–complete feature with intelligent avatars to create site search agents that instantly respond to customer inquiries intelligently.

InteliWISE Virtual Agents are equipped with an intelligent site search feature that suggests search results based not only on a keyword search, but more importantly on the meaning of the question. Traditional index searches often do not return relevant results, and this causes customer dissatisfaction. InteliWISE Contextual Search analyzes the meaning of a customer inquiry to determine customer intention and prioritizes search results based on the way questions are submitted by the customer.


  • Highly Relevant Search Results.
  • Natural Language Search – customers ask question in a natural way and do not have to “game the system” to find answers.
  • Measurable ROI – you will see an immediate decrease in support cost and increase in customer self-service interaction. All of which is directly measurable through insightful customer metrics.
  • Understand Your Customer Needs – real time customer interaction reporting helps you identify and resolve the “missing results” based on meanings of customer queries.
  • Adds a Personal Touch – especially when combined with InteliWISE Conversational module.