InteliWISE Virtual Agents can precisely reach out to customers with important support & sales messages

With new set of engagement tools called Triggers, InteliWISE is taking the Virtual Agent software to a new level of interaction, where they go much beyond a customer service tool, to become a precise online sales and marketing tool, engaging shoppers at “Just the Right Moment”.

Sunnyvale, Ca (PRWEB) September 14, 2011, InteliWISE, provider of Virtual Agent chat software, have released a set of new sales engagement tools called Triggers, designed to engage shoppers in their purchasing process. Online store owners can easily deploy these automated live chat avatars, to reach out to shoppers with action relevant interactions in real time incl. rescuing abandoned sales opportunities. They can trigger a side tab widget on action and give site owners the option of hiding it before the action and then after the action as well.

Up to this point, Virtual Agents have been deployed in help desk or FAQ pages, waiting for customers to ask them a question. The traditional, intent – based, Artificial Intelligence recognition engine helped to understand shoppers’ questions and provide with instant answers. While InteliWISE software tools can be used in this role, the latest engagement tools – triggers- promote action-based strategies.

Shopper activities are monitored proactively, and when an action is taken by the shopper, that matches a pre-determined condition, the Virtual Agent steps into action. The Virtual Agent software is highly interactive and is able to offer added incentives to the shopper to complete the sale. Even in circumstances where abandonment is predictable the agent can request the shopper to leave an email address for future coupon or or discount offers.

We are taking the whole concept of virtual agents to a new level of interaction, where skilled virtual agents are not hidden in the least visited help sections. Now they serve clients proactively, with the right help at the right time , but without being too intrusive

, said Marcin Strzalkowski, CEO of InteliWISE.

Through a set of Triggers and targeting tools, Virtual Agents can engage shoppers with either welcome messages or contextual live chats at the right time, with the right message.

What is the Trigger? Trigger is a specific or a general condition that tells your Virtual Agent when to engage your customers. As of now we created the triggers considered the most effective:

  • referring site and search engine keywords – if user reaches your website from a certain address or google search you can approach him based on those information,
  • elapsed time – when user is on your website for a specified amount of time our agent approaches him,
  • user visited specific page – when user visited specific page – like a shopping cart or ‘Cameras’ category in your shop – you can present him deal considering his current interests,
  • number of visited pages – amount of different pages that your visitor has seen is a clear indicator of how well he knows your website – if a number is high – it is a good time to ask him for feedback,
  • user leaving the site – if the user wants to leave your website or a shopping cart without making a purchase – approach him with a deal he just cannot refuse!

The web –based panel (, easily accessible even with Facebook sign-in, provides full set of management functions for Triggers. Every customer can add, edit, delete or customize its own Triggers.

More about InteliWISE

InteliWISE is providing a cloud-based Virtual Agent software, a combination of intent – recognition search with customer engagement tools, including intelligent chat and triggers. Our tools help to boost online conversions and decrease customer service cost, for both small and large, enterprise clients.

Our team is passionate about meshing natural language processing (NLP), virtual expert technologies and interactive video, to heighten the effectiveness of e-commerce and customer service.

Some of the leading Fortune500 enterprises and outstanding medium sized companies have used InteliWISE solutions, across a wide range of industries, such as transportation, insurance, retail, packaged food, telecommunications and others.

We are proud to have strategic support from Intel Capital, the leading global VC, and Asseco Group, a Top5 European IT integrator. InteliWISE’s headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California and its research and development is based in Europe.

Mateusz Marmolowski,

Plug and Play Technology Center
440 N Wolfe Rd , Sunnyvale,
CA 94085 USA