InteliWISE Solutions as Tools for Smart Cities

Smart cities is a term denoting cities that use information and communication technologies to improve the quality of services provided and increase the efficiency of urban infrastructure. Introducing solutions supporting the idea of ​​developing a smart city is primarily a tribute to its inhabitants because it is tantamount to raising living standards. One of the Polish cities that care about development based on new technologies is Gdynia, whose City Hall has launched the Voicebot from InteliWISE.

Gdynia City Hall Automates the Office’s Hotline Thanks to InteliWISE Bots

Since the work of most officials was transferred to the remote mode, the traditional hotline was overloaded with tens of thousands of telephone calls for making appointments. The townspeople simply couldn’t run errands anymore. The launched AI Voicebot InteliWISE cleared the hotline, enabling clients to immediately arrange visits to the office. Thanks to the automation of the hotline in 2021, Voicebot handled 78,000 calls.


What benefits have been achieved by the introduction of the Voicebot?

  • unblocking the hotline
  • automated appointment scheduling
  • reduction of operating costs
  • high evaluation of the local government’s operation

Digitization of Services for Citizens – why is it Worth it?

Smart cities use information and communication technologies to improve the quality of operation of a given area and ensure its sustainable development. Electronic communications market analyst Tomasz Kulisiewicz notes that “The administration of a smart city can optimize operating costs and increase efficiency. That is why fast and reliable electronic communication networks are such important elements of the infrastructure of a smart city, both for residents and entrepreneurs, as well as for the administration. “


Thanks to the NLU technology, Voicebot understands the questions of residents and can therefore provide immediate answers. Moreover, it is not limited by the opening hours of the office. It is available to the client at any time, seven days a week. The implementation of a Virtual Officer also allows for an increase in the efficiency of the IT solutions previously implemented by offices – including case cards, document flow and digital office portals.

AI Voicebot for Gdynia City Hall is a Laureate of the “The Giants of HyperAutomation” Competition

During the 5th edition of the Hyper Automation conference, the jury selected the winners and laureates of the “Mocarze Hiper Automatyzacji” competition for the first time. InteliWISE solutions won two awards in the Intelligent Assistants category:


Automated appointment booking was a necessity resulting from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The preliminary, working version of the project was prepared independently by the team of the City Hall. The solution was approved not only by the residents of Gdynia but also by automation specialists.

How Chatbot can Support Smart Cities

Chatbots are an innovative IT solution for online offices, operating based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, thanks to which they process the request of the client by adjusting the answer. What distinguishes Chatbot from ordinary search engines is relevance. The user receives a concrete answer to the question asked instead of having to search multiple websites.


Thanks to the possibility of conducting thousands of calls at the same time, it effectively relieves officials from the most frequently repeated questions. Automation of routine processes generates time savings for officials, residents and entrepreneurs. A Chatbot is also a form of distinguishing a website, therefore it increases its uniqueness.