InteliWISE sets up a spin-off, adding intelligence layer to help desks

InteliWISE sets up a spin-off, adding intelligence layer to help desks

Global outsourcing help desk service market is growing rapidly, and its beneficiaries are usually big, global corporations, aiming at optimizing costs. InteliWISE is planning to make use of Poland’s growing meaning on the outsourcing map and deliver next generation support services based on artificial intelligence algorithms.
InteliWISE Inc., together with the Lublin Science and Technology Park, has launched a spin-off – a new parent company which focuses on the development and sales of the Virtual Help Desk Assstant software and BPO / outsourcing services.

Global outsourcing services and help desk services market is growing rapidly. Poland, with over 100,000 workers employed in the sector, is emerging as one of its leaders. Today, popular help desk services enable clients to solve various problems including configuration of software and devices, such as PCs, mobile devices, printers, networks etc.

Next generation help desk services, that InteliWISE is planning to deliver, will be equipped with artificial intelligence that will help outsourcing clients – usually big, global corporations – to lower costs and boost efficiency. Experience gained in over 150 AI projects will enable InteliWISE to increase efficiency and intuitiveness of help desk and service desk solutions for employees, contractors and partners.

The launch of a spin-off shows that InteliWISE, a start-up that built a flexible technology that has since been tested and appreciated by the international market, can now use it on many different fields, potentially boosting the company’s net worth.

Information on InteliDESK

Founded on May 19th, 2015, InteliDESK Ltd. (registration in progress) was created to help bring to life the InteliWISE idea within the „INNOVA-INVEST” project. InteliWISE Inc. has acquired 670 newly issued shares of InteliDESK Ltd. located in Lublin, further referred to as InteliDESK. The other 580 shares of InteliDESK were acquired by the Lublin Science and Technology Park located in Lublin. The input in InteliDESK on the part of the company was granting a 650,000zł worth non-exclusive software license for the Virtual Agent IT Desk and the contribution of 20,000zł. The scope of the given license will enable InteliDESK to sell and implement the abovementioned software, on the condition that the company will be solely entitled to the modifications and development of the software. The shares aqcuired by the company comprise 53,50 % of InteliDESK funding capital and the same amount of votes on the associate assembly.

The creation of InteliDESK is a part of company’s strategy focusing on gaining leading position in developing innovative cloud programming solutions based on the algorithms of artificial intelligence, and aiming to optimize multichannel customer service and Contact Center for globally acting companies and the administrative sector.