InteliWISE Launches New Product for Enterprise E-Commerce and Corporate Web Sites

InteliWISE a leader in meshing natural language processing, virtual conversational agent technologies and enterprise data to heighten the effectiveness of e-commerce and corporate websites and Intranets, today announced the launch of InteliWISE FAQ Agent, a self-service tool featuring smart Avatars and natural language recognition, that promptly leads website visitors to satisfying answers while dramatically dropping an enterprise’s customer relationship management (CRM) costs.

Forrester in late December of 2009 released survey findings in which the analyst firm reported that 57% are very likely to abandon an online purchase if they cannot find quick answers to questions; 36% of US online consumers strongly prefer to find answers for themselves rather than reach out via telephone or email, while only 28% of US online consumers prefer to contact companies via telephone or email rather than using a company’s Web site to get answers to their questions. InteliWISE, recognizing the FAQ as a website section promoting cost-effective self-service, created the interactive FAQ Agent with artificial intelligence. InteliWISE FAQ Agent is positioned on a website and:

Enables users to ask for help or assistance in their own language;
Provides customers with a precise, actionable response in sub-second time;
Presents the answer that may include text product description, hyperlink to product presentation, or any other form of presentation
Kegel Harley-Davidson, the oldest family owned distributor of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the United States, is an InteliWISE customer that employs an FAQ Agent by the name of “Susan”. Says Bob Smedly, in charge of information technology for Kegel Harley-Davidson,

A static FAQ injected with IQ transforms into an interactive and dynamic FAQ, and that gets the customer’s motor running when they have a question they want answered fast and don’t want to meander about the website to find what they’re looking for.

Lauren Freedman, president of the e-tailing group, a consultancy serving enterprises engaged in e-commerce, says,

Consumers have come to expect interactive customer experiences and customer service should be no exception. Allowing website visitors to quickly get the answers they seek will undoubtedly provide a superior experience for shoppers, allowing them to spend more time shopping and less time hunting down answers that are now readily available.

InteliWISE’s FAQ Agent — which after an initial set-up fee costs an enterprise about 10 cents per customer engagement compared to $5 per customer engagement via a call center — is intended to transform an FAQ from a static entity to a dynamic, interactive tool — and in the process increase both online shoppers’ and online merchants’ satisfaction.

Our sweet spot is serving medium and large enterprises that recognize an urgency to lift customer satisfaction while dropping dramatically their own CRM costs,

says InteliWISE CEO Marcin Strzalkowski.

Strzalkowki noted that depending upon the complexity of a website’s FAQ section, the time it takes InteliWISE to customize an FAQ Agent’s integration with an existing website FAQ can be between one week and three weeks.

Pricing for InteliWISE FAQ Agent starts at $5,000, and also includes an additional charge of 10 cents per customer engagement for e-commerce applications.

As InteliWISE rolls out its new product to the marketplace, companies that have successfully deployed InteliWISE FAQ Agent include LOT Airlines in Europe, and Kegel Harley-Davidson and Vivid Jewelers in North America.