InteliWISE at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

InteliWISE will be presenting at Oracle Open World, in booth 2437 at Moscone South Oct 11-15th, 2009. InteliWISE will be demonstrating the integration of their Inteligent Conversational Agent platform with Oracle applications and with selected infrastructure components such as Oracle SES.

InteliWISE is offering the integration solution to 5 enterprise customers who want to become the pioneer members of the beta program integrating selected applications with InteliWISE query search capabilities. InteliWISE created the only semantic engine in the market which:

Provides users with answers to their specific questions and needs with a high response accuracy of over 85%;
Integrates a rich multimedia experience with print and audio responses for more effective user engagements;
Can perform a search, when queries don’t match the knowledge base, providing users with relevant information (query search);
Engages users through a virtual looking person, with a personality – all of which is user customizable;
Can be integrated with both “live chat” and “click to call back” features (immediate call if desired);
Is very light with respect to management and overhead requirements for ATT (or InteliWISE) to manage;
Has a real time dashboard and statistical assessment tool used to improve the quality of responses overtime. Some of our clients are achieving over 90% query hit rates now.