How voicebot helps in automation of call center.

How voicebot helps in automation of call center

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to see a huge increase in interest in their services. One of such companies is EMKA S.A. – a leader in medical waste management, which has been providing its services for almost 30 years. The company delivers services to numerous medical institutions, such as hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, doctor’s surgeries or veterinary clinics.


EMKA S.A. provides comprehensive customer service, which includes collection, transport and disposal of medical, veterinary, hazardous and infectious waste. In addition, EMKA S.A. is a distributor of disposable hygiene products and has its own online store:, where you can find protective gloves, masks, containers for medical waste and much more.

Voicebot automates customer service, cuts call center waiting times

Endless phone calls from customers, long call center queues, the so-called “broken line” – these are frequent problems of Call Center employees who cannot keep up with answering end-users’ questions. And they multiply endlessly – someone wants to sign an agreement, someone has a problem with downloading an invoice, someone can’t log into their account, and someone else would like to change the date of service delivery. Answering the same questions over and over again is tedious and time-consuming work, but even greater reasons for dissatisfaction have customers who are often forced to stand in a long queue waiting for a connection with a consultant.

So how can AI improve the productivity of live agents? 

Improving productivity – and thus – margins, is a challenge of fast-growing companies with the highest customers’ experience in mind. Our Voice Assistant understand voice commands, digs into the meaning of a question and provide with voice responses. The automated dialog is a new standard in e-commerce and service industry, where call center has been a gold standard for customer service interaction.

Contact with the customer service does not have to be frustrating if we allow artificial intelligence (AI) to automate handling of repetitive questions and processes. Voicebots, i.e. voice virtual assistants, have been supporting Call Center employees for years and optimize the operation of hundreds of hotlines with a vast success.

  • 24h/7 availability
  • Providing instant feedback to callers
  • Ability to make hundreds of calls simultaneously

These are just a few advantages of this solution. It is also worth noting that voicebots never get tired and are always polite – no wonder that their effectiveness is much higher than that of CC employees.

The leader in recycling services deploys InteliWISE Voicebot to boost sales, appointment booking

Below is a sample scenario of a conversation with Voicebot Luke:

emka's voicebot dialogue powered by inteliwise

As one can easily guess, since the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of medical waste has increased dramatically. EMKA S.A., the leader in waste utilization and recycling services, began to receive more and more notifications, which resulted in more traffic on the company’s website and more phone calls to the Customer Service Office in order to order additional waste collection.  It was therefore decided to implement a solution aimed at ensuring fluency of customer service by introducing a system for automation of communication with the contractors. This is how Chatbot and Voicebot InteliWISE appeared on EMKA’s website – software based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms protected by a patent in the USA.

inteliwise's chatbot conversation window on emka's website

“The last two years have been extremely challenging for us. On the one hand, we have had to deal with a huge increase in the volume of waste and the number of collections at larger customers (hospitals, clinics, medical networks), and on the other hand with the closure of the industry, cancellation of collections, suspension of services (retail customers, medical practices, dentists, beauticians). Each of these situations resulted in a huge increase in the number of contacts with our helpline and cases to be realized. Satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, which is why we decided to implement artificial intelligence from InteliWISE From the very beginning I was of the opinion that these must be services that actually do something, and not just recognize speech and answer questions and, anyway, contact with our consultant is essential. Our voicebot can do most of the recurring tasks from our customers within 1-1.5 seconds, i.e. arrange or cancel a waste collection, check the status of the integration with BDO, check the balance or even quote a customer. InteliWISE’s solutions are part of a whole suite of digital services for our clients. With InteliWISE, our customers can handle most service issues without an employee at any time of the day or night. A new client may receive an offer via text message which he/she may accept and immediately sign an agreement electronically.  We are currently implementing e-payments and will soon publish our mobile application in the AppStore and Play Store, in which the InteliWISE chatbot also has its place.”

Wojciech Wesołowski, Director of IT and Marketing Department at EMKA S.A.

The InteliWISE Voicebot and Chatbot solutions which are deployed to EMKA S.A. have contributed to more effective customer service, and in particular to:

  • Book a visit, arranging waste collection
  • Cancellation of a meeting, waste collection
  • Checking the integration of your BDO account (Waste Data Base) with EMKA S.A. systems.
  • Check payment status and account balance
  • Generate a quote for the customer

Both of these tools are a great alternative to a phone call with a consultant and significantly speed up the customer service process.

inteliwise text and voice solutions

Process Automation of voice and email customer service with bots 

Chatbot plays an informative role on the EMKA customer online portal – it gives the most important tips and answers customers’ questions via text messages appearing in the chat window. Voicebot, on the other hand, is a virtual voice assistant who provides professional support and accepts requests during a casual telephone conversation with a contractor. Additionally, it serves as a virtual salesman – a customer who calls the hotline after providing some information about his company may receive a personalized offer via text message, which he can immediately accept online and sign an electronic contract – all without human intervention. Voicebot also independently contacts potential customers in order to present them with a personalized commercial offer as part of the so-called outbound campaign.

With the help of voicebot the customer can create a new request (e.g. cancellation of waste collection) and does not have to wait for a connection with a consultant in order to receive technical or content-related support in the course of making the request, because artificial intelligence in a very clear way provides him with all the information, advice, tips, instructions, etc. Moreover, the customer can ask the bot for help at any time of the day or night, as the automated customer service system is available 24/7.

“The ability to order services quickly and intuitively determines customer satisfaction and, as a result, the company’s growing revenues. EMKA – the leader on the market of specialist services – knows this very well, which is why it invests in innovative solutions. Launching a Voicebot on the call center, which non-stop, 24 hours a day, without waiting, takes orders, is a sign of respect for the time of its customers, and in the future a strengthening of its leading position. Today, with more and more orders and sales being made online or over the phone, responsiveness is key. When the company’s hotline breaks down, and you have to wait forever for a connection with the service, it is a sign that the company can already count losses. Unfortunately, in today’s difficult labor market, companies are not able to recruit and enlarge the team of consultants. In succor come virtual helpline assistants from InteliWISE, who can be up and running and ready to take your order even within hours, for a fraction of the amount of a full-time employee. ”

Marcin Strzałkowski, founder of InteliWISE SA.

Excellent customer service with bots without no on-hold call center 

The InteliWISE bot is the source of the most important information on EMKA S.A. website and thus introduces order in the communication space; the customer does not have to study the whole website, uncovering its deeper and deeper layers in order to find a topic of interest. Both chatbot and voicebot are able to answer most of his questions, and if the matter is unusual – the user can ask to speak with a consultant. It is also important that the contractor receives feedback immediately – without having to wait for an e-mail or a phone call with an answer from the seller.

Launching an automated customer service system is easier than it may seem – all you need is to make your API available and delegate a team to cooperate. All actions associated with the implementation of voicebot and chatbot services are on our side and do not require any complex operations on the part of your employees. Integration with the customer’s API allows Voicebot to check payment status, account integration status, as well as the ability to modify the customer’s waste collection schedule.

InteliWISE Conversational AI provides support for customer service software


Supporting the contact center by offloading the burden of phone and email customer service is a huge benefit of automation driven by artificial intelligence capabilities. The quality of customer service is just as good because InteliWISE’s bots are well equipped for their roles – they have a very extensive knowledge base and a speech recognition system with a very low error rate.

Future prospects for the global chatbot market

The chatbot market is estimated to grow from $2.8 billion in 2019 to $142 billion by 2024. – Which you can read about on the Business Insider website. The conclusion comes to mind – millions of people can’t be wrong! The growing popularity of artificial intelligence doesn’t come from nowhere – it’s simply a result of the possibilities and advantages that the latest technology brings.

Listen to a sample conversation with Emka’s Voicebot (in PL language):