How to Choose Live Chat for the Call Centres of Large Companies?

How to Choose Live Chat for the Call Centres of Large Companies?

Live chat is currently an essential feature on every website. It makes it possible to contact customers instantaneously and effectively. As many as 80% of customers need urgent help during online shopping and live chat can be used to give them immediate assistance.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is an online tool that makes it possible to contact users in real time and analyse website traffic. Online chat on a website usually looks like a window (or widget) in the bottom right corner of pages and allows customers to talk directly to a customer service representative.

Thanks to it, users visiting your website or shop can immediately get answers to their questions about products or get help with the purchase. Research shows that websites with live chat are visited again by over 60% of users.

However, live chat is not a simple messenger. It’s also an effective tool for analysing and tracking data, including real customer behaviour, that helps precisely define target groups and prepare segmentation. This, in turn, makes it possible to better adjust the offer and the way customers are approached.

Live Chat for Large Companies

Live chats for large companies are state-of-the-art apps with modern interface and a wide variety of analytical tools that allow you to check connection history and customers’ question in a convenient way.

Clear, intuitive interface and speed are the features due to which biggest global companies choose live chats tailored to their needs. Online chats make it possible to gain even 30% more customers that don’t want to waste their time on emails or wait for someone to answer the phone. They want their questions to be answered in real time.

Immediate answers are especially important when it comes to B2B clients. 80% of them expect an answer live. Live chats for large companies are also frequently linked to chatbots – virtual, automatic chats supported by AI that answer questions when customer service representatives are not available. Thanks to this, you can provide customer service 24/7.

Benefits of Using Live Chat in Call Centres

Live chat in a call centre, integrated with a hotline, helpdesk, text messages and forms, will allow your customer service representatives to improve their performance by working on 3-5 chats at the same time. As far as helpdesks are concerned, live chat makes it possible to use previously prepared answer for the most frequent question, which usually constitute about 80% of all queries.

This makes customer service representatives even more efficient. They will also be able to transfer conversations between themselves if a more experienced member of the staff is needed.

Chats in call centres are currently an incredibly effective business tool thanks to which you can receive phone calls in your browser and collect every question or issue reported through various communication channels in one place.

Live Chat from InteliWISE

InteliWISE’s product is the most effective combination of live chat software and proactive mechanisms. Live chat offered by us is a tool with modern interface, it works great on mobile devices and, thanks to the possibility of integrating it with a chatbot, is highly effective at servicing customers even when your representatives are asleep.

InteliWISE Live Chat can assist your customers based on previously implemented and programmed scenarios by recognizing their behaviours, problems or even doubts. It allows you to check the effectiveness of chats and marketers and decrease the costs of your customer service department without sacrificing quality or safety.

Thanks to quick and easy installation and state-of-the-art interface that can be tailored to the needs of the customers, InteliWISE Live Chat satisfies the highest standards as far as ergonomics and user-friendliness are concerned. With our reporting tools available at any moment, you can check call history, transcripts and customers’ questions, which makes our live chat the right product for even the most demanding eshops, call centres or large organisations.