How chatbots are used around the world?

How chatbots are used around the world?

A virtual AI advisor is a solution with many capabilities. Currently, chatbots are mainly used in customer service, where they can answer any incoming queries instantly, making the job of customer service representatives much easier. However, there are many projects where virtual assistants serve other purposes, such as healthcare or simply fun.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs whose task is to conduct online conversations so that an Internet user thinks he is chatting with another person. The increasing popularity of virtual assistants stems from the possibility to use them on Facebook Messenger.

The software inside the program analyses and understands the most frequent questions and provides an immediate answer. This solution, based on AI, is currently one of the most innovative customer service tools for websites and eShops.

Chatbots can process messages sent to them, they understand voice and slang. When conducting a virtual conversation, they can ask for details and, if they don’t know the answer to the question, refer it to the consultant who can solve the problem. Chatbots can provide instant, automatic answer to 30-60% of the most frequent questions asked by customers.

Uses of chatbots

Chatbots, apart from providing customer service, can perform many other functions. A virtual assistant can accept competition entries, can act as an inspirational newsletter or be a product advisor. Chatbots can also send personalized notes and reminders from apps. Virtual assistants can service payments, handle complaints and make reservations online. They also make it possible to estimate the potential costs or time requirements of a service.

Virtual assistants are fully automated, work 24/7 and provide instant interaction. In addition to that, they can verify messages customers are searching for and are a great convenience for users, because they don’t need to use multiple apps or search engines.

Innovative chatbots

Many companies decide to use chatbots in an unconventional way. For example, virtual assistants can act as caretakers who look after patients or insomniacs.

The Russian chatbot called Endurance can be a companion to those suffering from Alzheimer’s, who have difficulties communicating with other people. The bot stores all its communication logs in a cloud, which can be instantly accessed by family members and doctors, who can then evaluate memory degradation. The project’s goal is to help scientist better understand how Alzheimer’s affects the brain.

Casper is another very interesting chatbot. It helps insomniacs suffering from loneliness and anxiety to get through the night. A conversation with Casper helps them bear this difficult, sleepless time.

Virtual assistants are also used by such giants as Disney or Marvel. Chatbot from Disney let children solve crimes with cartoon characters and the one from Marvel allows fans to talk to their favourite Marvel comic book characters.

These are only some examples of creative chatbots. Thanks to the limitless potential of chatbots it’s just the beginning of a new age for artificial intelligence.