Have an interactive chat with Virtual Chopin

Have an interactive virtual chat with one of the greatest musician of all time, Frederic Chopin. This avatar character, a virtual person, has a unique conversational abilities thanks to a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Virtual Agent and text – to – speech.

Virtual Frederic Chopin

For lovers of Chopin’s talent around the world, InteliWISE Virtual Agent has launched a unique avatar persona – Virtual Frederic Chopin. By meeting Chopin on http://echopin.pl/en/chat-with-chopin, online users have the opportunity for an interactive chat with an avatar, a virtual character representing the famous composer.

Chat with Chopin allows Internet users around the world to learn the facts of the composer’s life in a truly interactive way. This very special Virtual Agent tells interviewers about his life, creativity, people close to him, favorite places, activities, items, dishes. Visitors are encouraged to explore the attractions associated with him and his era.

This online customer engagement application, a visual avatar provides insights into historical knowledge and responds to questions and requests from Internet users (Where were you born? Why is your name Frederick? Tell me, who was George Sand and many others). This virtual character also has a voice that was matched with the voice that Chopin was supposed to have had.

This interactive chat with Chopin has been developed based on InteliWISE’s technology of virtual agents, with Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with speech synthesis, and interactive avatars that enhance the interactivity of the solution.