Getting customer feedback, in their exact words.

Cart abandonment nightmare

Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare across all types of online businesses. Up to 95% of shoppers are said to leave any given page without completing a transaction. But most retailers understand that, most of online shoppers customers just browse first, comparing offerings, prices, delivery conditions. The real nightmare though is that retailers DO NOT know WHY customers abandoned their shopping cart.

Hello, I’m Sharon, got a sec?

We recently launched a Virtual Agent, that acts as an intelligent chat, surveying customers. This is a new way of getting feedback in number of ways. Primo, the feedback agent acts contextually, so it is being activated only when customers intend to quit a page, without a purchase. Secundo, the introduction is done by a nice, appealing avatar, like a representative with human operator.

And the Feedback invitation slides out from a small and unintrusive tab, to maximize the completion rate. Tertio, it’s not like other static board with questions; instead customers may type in their suggestions or complaints in their language, and Virtual Agent can run a short conversation, with an intelligent, AI chat.

Feedback with 1:1 transcript

What our customers appreciate the most, is that they not only receive answers ‘on point scale’, but real, 1:1 expressions of customer complaints or suggestions. They can immediately push them as keywords to AdWords campaign, or use them for improved script for customer service, call center or FAQ page. Online retailers, that have thousands or millions of shoppers, buying but also abandoning shopping carts, would have to put up a robust surveying centers, full of live agent operators, to collect this sort of customer experience feedback and opinions. Virtual Assistants, equipped in virtual, intelligent chat options, are getting at least some of the work significantly less expensive.