Examples of the Implementations of Live Chats in the world

Helplines, which only a few years ago were responsible for up to  95% of customer contact with companies, have been rapidly losing popularity. Many young customers, accustomed to texting, messengers and writing emails, prefer this type of customer service. Representatives available through Live Chats or a mobile app are a fast way to communicate with users who need assistance. This help can take the form of product choice advice or shipment information, but users can also find services that connect them to a doctor, veterinarian or an interior designer.

Live Chat is a messaging application, a state-of-the-art response to the demands of customers on brand communication. Website chats are the perfect solution for companies that want to give their customers a fast reply, for any range of issues, even ones with a significant effect on their purchasing process or even when  their lives are at stake!

Consumers are in love with messages and messengers. Examples of Live Chats used by various brands around the world showcase how this form of communication can successfully support the servicing of various types of queries, not only those closely related to products or services offered by the brands. Live Chats are used more and more frequently as a professional advising tool or to get quick assistance with health concerns.


Nordstrom has an online shop that offers its clients a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. It is available 24/7. Interestingly, the Live Chat has many built-in topics. Thanks to this, customers can talk online with a personal stylist, designer or wedding expert. Everything through the chat.

First Opinion App

First Opinion is a service available only in the US that lets users contact doctors without any additional costs or insurance, which is frequently necessary to use health services in this country. Doctors answering in the Live Chat have the necessary medical education and experience. With First Opinion users can get information about their health 24 hours a day after a maximum of 5 minutes waiting time. The Live Chat has received many favourable opinions and was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.


Havenly is a Live Chat that lets users contact interior designers. Thanks to professional advice and support from an expert, it’s possible to prepare interior design without having to meet an expert in the actual house being designed for. The communication process has several steps, the first of which is choosing the interior designer that best suits the style of the user. The Live Chat is operated by experienced professionals with many completed projects. The next step is personalizing the project. In this step, users decide on the budget, style and space. Based on the information provided, the designer prepares ideas for interior design. Finalized projects can also be discussed with the designer through the Live Chat.


PetCoach is a free Live Chat with a veterinarian, available 24/7.  When their dogs or cats look sick or act strange, worried pet owners often wonder whether they should find emergency services immediately or wait and see if their condition improves. Assistance from a specialist who can answer their questions through the Live Chat can be very helpful. PetCoach’s website also contains an FAQ section and symptoms to look for that require immediate direct contact with a veterinarian.

LOT Polish Airlines

In Poland, anyone interested in travelling with LOT can contact a travel advisor who will answer any question related to flights, reservations and other services provided by the airline. The Live Chat, implemented by InteliWISE, is available after choosing a flight since that’s the moment when there are many questions that require a more detailed answer.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown lets their customers contact their own company makeup artists. They can make use of a Live Chat or a more personalized Photo Live Chat. Thanks to these options, users can be given advice on what cosmetics to choose based on their photos, which is very convenient when shopping for color cosmetics online.

Live Chats for mental health

Other interesting examples of Live Chats are those that help people with emotional or mental health issues; users who frequently need immediate attention. 7 Cups – for people with mental health issues, Crisis Text Line – a Live Chat helping people with anxiety problems and Beyond Blue – a Live Chat available in Australia that guarantees support for people with depression, anxieties and suicidal thoughts.

Cugic: Multilingual Chat Support

Cugic is a Live Chat with an impressive number of features. It’s on the list due to the fact that it is operated by consultants who can speak many different languages. Customers can chat in the language of their choosing and the operators can talk to customers in the language that they know. The many features of Cugic include sending automatic messages to people visiting the website and looking at text written in the chat window but not yet sent.

The variety of uses for Live Chats around the world shows how important the Internet is as a communication channel. Users can shop, plan travels, find specialists, all without leaving the comforts of their home – from in front of their laptop or smartphone.