Earn on AI with InteliWISE

AI is not only a challenge or, as the media say, a threat (to the labour market, to a functioning business), but also a great opportunity. We are sure the beneficiaries of the intelligent revolution will be a wide range of entrepreneurs. We have launched an affiliate program that allows us to earn money on the growing importance of AI for business.

Partnership Program for Chatbots & Voicebots

We believe the revolution of new AI technologies should have more beneficiaries. There is no reason to associate it with the fear of redundancies or sudden changes in business practices. That’s why we are launching a program that will provide both the tools, over 15 years of our know-how, and the billing model that allows you to earn money from AI solutions.

support for Partners from InteliWISE

We provide our partners with complete tools, both for building solutions such as Voicebot or Chatbot, and for delivering them (providing services) in a cloud model. The tools are the result of many years of research and development work and an extension of projects developed by an interdisciplinary team. Partners will get full access to the my.inteliwise.com Platform.

myinteliwise for partners Registration screen

Our knowledge engineering department, which is responsible for programming and training Virtual Assistants, will teach and support in this important stage of launching Chatbot or Voicebot.

Who do we address the Program to?

We believe AI should be affordable for all those who, over the years, have helped their customers build online stores, applications, and IT systems – especially CRM, ERP, or HR. Our Partners today are not only IT integrators, interactive agencies, and solution resellers, but also freelancers who often conduct large implementations for their customers. Our program is now addressed to an even wider group of professionals. With us, all of them will receive tools that enable them to expand their offer for their clients.

What benefits of the cooperation will an InteliWISE Partner have?

By becoming our partner, companies will be given the opportunity to monetize their services at every stage of service provision to their clients – both at the stage of launch and service provision. These include revenues from fees from pre-implementation analyses, implementations, and or integration, as well as subscriptions.

In many industries, Artificial Intelligence, new intelligent technologies are seen as a source of threats, such as potential job losses, changes in existing business processes or unpredictable market transformations. However, InteliWISE sees it as an opportunity for many professionals active on the market, who can take advantage of the global trend. However, they lack the know-how or tools needed to develop and deliver AI-based solutions to their clients. – says Marcin Strzałkowski, CEO of InteliWISE.

example commission of InteliWISE partner

Why is it worth to go into artificial intelligence?

The InteliWISE program is the answer to market needs in the service sector. According to the report “2018 Future of Jobs” by the World Economic Forum, half of all companies in the global market expect to reduce full-time employment through automation before 2022. However, the industry discourse often overlooks the fact that two-thirds of entrepreneurs plan to retrain their employees in liquidated positions. And most importantly, artificial intelligence is primarily to support professionals, not replace them.

For many professionals, the “intelligent revolution”, i.e. the increasing mass use of AI, is an opportunity to change, but for the better. After all, the development of AI also contributes to the improvement of business models and to the formation of new specialties and professions. Professions such as data scientist or even a broadly defined programmer have ceased to be niche and have become well-paid professions thanks to the dynamic development of particularly important market areas. As one of the most deeply rooted companies in this industry in Poland, we want to make sure that the full potential of solutions is used and their role in market development is understood. Hence our decision to provide our partners with a platform with tools and know-howadds Strzałkowski.

According to Market Research Engine analysts, the growth rate of the global market of artificial intelligence solutions will be 37% per year in the coming years, and in 2024, the total value of this market will exceed 191 billion dollars.

If you want to join the program, please contact us.

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