Live Chat on the website can increase sales and significantly improve customer service.

Conversations that bring a specific profit

Good customer service increases sales by up to 50% [1]. Therefore, the way in which companies talk to customers is crucial. In the mobile age, answering a question, dispelling doubts or advice is important – in the real time. Therefore, a quick and satisfactory relationship with the customer can have a real impact on the growth of turnover. By chatting on the website, companies gain time, money and customer satisfaction. How do they do it?

Customers love talking to brands. They used to do it face to face. Today the dialogue has moved to the internet. Live Chat has become a popular meeting place. Its presence on the website can increase sales and significantly improve customer service.

Numbers don’t lie. As many as 92% [2] of the customers visiting the website of an online store are satisfied when they can use Live Chat. Moreover, according to 44% [3] of customers, the answers given by the consultant through the chat on the website are of key importance for purchasing decisions on the internet. Sounds promising.

Live Chat – from relation to transaction

A first impression can only be made once. This well-known maxim is well-suited for business. When a customer visits a website, it’s worth showing that he or she is the center of interest. After a while you can offer a discount or just a valuable conversation. Everything online. But how can we make  this a reality? Through Live Chat.

The Live Chat instant messenger will appear at the bottom of the screen in its right corner. No wonder, because this is where the eyesight of an internet user wandering around the website focuses [4]. After just a few seconds, a Live Chat consultant will interact with the client.

First of all, it will encourage contact. In the next steps, it will:

  • offer discounts
  • offer assistance
  • advise customer in choosing the best offer.

If the offer is interesting, the customer will surely benefit from it, and the brand or company will gain its trust at the customer’s first contact. This is an important step in building further relations.

Did you know that….

The companies that have integrated Live Chat with their website or online store gain the most because they redirect the customer to the products or services they are interested in.

Live Chat – help at hand

The popularity of chats on websites is constantly growing. Young people in particular like to use them. Why? Because Live Chat is always at hand. Simply click on the icon and start an online chat. Fast, convenient and practical.

Companies that use Live Chat increase their revenues by as much as 25% by engaging customers in relevant conversations. The online retailer accompanies the customer throughout their experience. Whenever it is needed, it advises on choosing a product, offers an attractive discount and or just answers questions.

Nice and professional conversation, although conducted virtually, builds a lasting bond between the brand and the customer. It evokes positive emotions and associations, which make it easier to make a positive purchase decision.

Live Chat – a mine of knowledge about customers and sellers

Thanks to online conversations, companies get to know their customers better. They can easily use this knowledge to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. Chat on the website collects information about:

  • the most popular products
  • purchasing factors
  • the reasons for abandoning the shopping cart.

In addition, it precisely records all questions asked by customers. The result is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database, which Live Chat consultants use during online conversations. Thanks to an investment in Live Chat software, the number of helplines and e-mail questions can be significantly reduced.

Data from the chat on the website also tell a lot about sellers. At any time you can check which of them was the most effective, i.e. it had the most conversions in its account. As a result, companies have access to an intuitive tool that allows them to evaluate their employees according to many criteria, not only sales criteria. This saves a lot of time and money.

Which Live Chat is the best?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a Live Chat:

  1. Software- Live Chat must be based on professional software that will not slow down the operation of the website.
  2. Appearance- The instant messenger’s design must be as clear and modern as possible to attract attention.
  3. Security- Chat encryption via SSL, secure servers and security policy is a guarantee that client data is fully protected.
  4. Quick installation- It only takes 5 minutes to set up an account and start using the chat.
  5. Flexible billing model- A monthly subscription is the best option.

Live Chat – here are our proven solutions